Los Angeles, CA &ndashAfter experiencing the need firsthand for quality Christian apps directed at inspiring and entertaining kids, Emmy Award Winning Creative Director Jeff Matsuda and technology industry veteran Mike Su have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund DEEP FRIED MANNA.&nbsp As the name implies, Deep Fried Manna seeks to create innovative and fun apps that teach Biblical values by using games and stories.

Matsuda, who won an Emmy for his work as Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon series, realized the need for products like this right in his own home.&nbsp &quotWe as parents realized that when given a choice, our kids were increasingly choosing their iPads over traditional TV,&quot explains Matsuda, the 42-year-old father of three, &quotyet there were so few apps out there that taught them about God.&rdquo

While taking the idea to Silicon Valley technology investors seemed inviting, the business realized that they needed to reach out to others who share the same values. &ldquoCrowd sourced funding seemed to make more sense,&rdquo explains Su, who is also a father of three.&nbsp &ldquoWe&rsquore reaching out for funding directly to parents who have been seeking this content since most traditional investors don&rsquot understand the need. This is about making our voices heard, and letting the world know there is a market for quality faith based apps.&quot

To showcase the level of talent surrounding the project, Deep Fried Manna has already launched one free app for the iPhone and iPad called &ldquoNoah&rsquos Weather.&rdquo&nbsp&nbsp Based on the Noah&rsquos Ark story, Noah&rsquos Weather, delivers daily and extended forecasts with mini-games, a daily Bible verse and a six page kid-friendly storybook.&nbsp

In the coming months, Deep Fried Manna will be launching the first of several interactive storybooks based on two characters, Rex and Rooty. &nbspThe debut story introduces Rex, a bright young boy, who has a floating plant friend named Rooty.&nbsp Rooty has the ability to generate seeds.&nbsp Some seeds produce giant beanstalks, while others are tiny mustard seeds.&nbsp Each adventure takes them to different lands where they encounter new friends, and the occasional scary enemy.&nbsp These stories act as parables to teach children about having a personal relationship with God.

The Kickstarter campaign&rsquos goal is to reach $150,000, which includes budgets for art, development, animation, production support, marketing, sound and music and Kickstarter Rewards.&nbsp For a $5 Kickstarter commitment, supporters will receive the app, free of charge.&nbsp From there, levels of rewards include being in a music video, custom art, iPhone cases, avatars and a signed Jeremy Lin basketball jersey.

With nearly 2 billion Christians around the world, the lack of technology friendly for Christian children indicates a market desperate for quality products.&nbsp

An incredible lineup of Christian leaders are supporting the campaign, including NBA star Jeremy Lin, LifeChurch.tv pastor Craig Groeschel, author of Crazy Love Francis Chan, NEWSONG Church pastor Dave Gibbons, and nearly a dozen more featured on the campaign&rsquos Kickstarter page.&nbsp

&quotThe need couldn’t be any more obvious and urgent,&quot says Dave Gibbons, the pastor of the 2,000-member NEWSONG church in Irvine, CA, who also signed up as a partner at Deep Fried Manna. &quotWe have an entire generation growing up on these new platforms, but we aren’t meeting them there.

&quotThe global nature of the AppStore also means there are opportunities to spread the Gospel around the world in ways that could have never been done before, and we as Christians need to be out on the forefront of that.&rdquo

About Deep Fried Manna
Deep Fried Manna is a Los Angeles based mobile app studio focused on creating high quality, biblically grounded content to help kids learn about God in fun, accessible and entertaining ways. Founded by a team of veterans from the tech and entertainment worlds, Deep Fried Manna seeks to always deliver eye-popping art, with engaging stories grounded in God’s word.

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