The Creation Festivals are entering 33 years as the nation&rsquos largest Christian music festivals and the premier name in Christian music events. The Creation expansion began again in 2008 with the launch of Creation Festival: The Tour in Fall 2008. The first of our annual tours was a tremendous success, proving to be one of the largest tours of Fall 08 through tickets sold and sponsor impressions. Fall 2010 brings another amazing year from the Creation brand as it sets out on the third annual Creation Festival: The Tour.

This 20 city tour, has a total projected attendance of nearly 100,000 delivering an intimate opportunity for your brand, product or service to interact with these major market audiences.

In one night of music, teaching and fun, this strategically routed tour will hit major A markets in North America and allow music fans to experience a taste of the annual 4-day Creation Festival events, which have become a tradition for tens of thousands.

Creation Festival: The Tour is not just another concert, but an event with a local community outreach for each market, consisting of a clothing collection or food drive, high school visits and the like – it’s a tour that has a direct and positive impact in each community it hits.


Creation Festival: The Tour is being routed and booked in 20 Major A Markets by the Paradigm Agency.&nbsp The following dates and locations are subject to change.&nbsp

10.1&nbsp Manheim, PA&nbsp
10.2&nbsp Mt. Vernon, OH&nbsp
10.3&nbsp St. David, PA&nbsp
10.7&nbsp Rhinelander, WI&nbsp
10.8&nbsp Des Moines, IA
10.9&nbsp Minneapolis, MN&nbsp
10.10&nbsp Baxter, MN&nbsp
10.15&nbsp Toronto, Ontario&nbsp
10.16&nbsp Toledo, OH&nbsp
10.17&nbsp Richland, MI&nbsp
10.20&nbsp Tulsa, OK&nbsp
10.21&nbsp Fort Smith, AR&nbsp
10.22&nbsp Dallas, TX&nbsp
10.23&nbsp Corpus Christi, TX&nbsp
10.24&nbsp Houston, TX&nbsp
10.29&nbsp Memphis, TN&nbsp
10.30&nbsp Birmingham, AL&nbsp
10.31&nbsp Springfield, MO
&nbsp…Plus 2 more dates TBA.
2010 Artist Line Up!&nbsp

Thousand Foot Krutch has exploded. Why? Was it when &ldquoFire It Up&rdquo was played at the Super Bowl, or when the Detroit Red Wings used &ldquoWelcome to the Masquerade,&rdquo or maybe when Carrie Underwood added 2 TFK songs to her iTunes Celebrity Playlist? Nope, TFK has been playing for years in front of an ever growing army of fans. Now as one of the most popular acts played on Christian and secular radio, and Sirius XM, this BEC Recordings artist is headlining Creation Festival: The Tour 2010. TFK is joined by Disciple. After more than 15 years of playing together, Disciple doesn&rsquot just rock harder than most bands&mdashthey work harder than most of them too, recently completing their third album with INO Records. The band also has seen their music break into a whole new audience with exposure on shows like NFL&rsquos &ldquoTotal Axxess,&rdquo WWE&rsquos &ldquoCyber Sunday&rdquo and Fox Sports&rsquo &ldquoBest Damn Sports Show.&rdquo Opening the night, we&rsquore excited to present Ivory Line in support of their new release Vessels. Their Tooth &amp Nail debut There Came A Lion (2008) opened as one of the best-selling albums from a new band in the label’s history.

For more details on the Creation Festival:&nbspThe Tour and a complete list of promotional partnership opportunities, click the PDF&nbsplinked on this page.