ChristianTrade Association International and the Associa&ccedil&atildeo de Editores Crist&atildeos (ASEC), the Christian publishers association in Brazil, are pleased to announce a two-day translation rights show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.&nbsp

&ldquoMarketsquare Brazil 2011 takes place 16 – 17 May,&rdquo says Kim Pettit, chief operating officer for ChristianTrade, &ldquojust before Expolit. For publishers who are already planning to be in Miami, the event has been organized to take advantage of flight schedules to minimize costs and travel time.&rdquo

Brazil is an important rights market for Christian books. PublishNews described it this way: &ldquoImagine a single country spreading across 50% of South America. A country with 27 states where there are 190 million people&hellip This is Brazil, [and] the book business continues to grow.&rdquo

&ldquoThe rights market in Brazil is growing,&rdquo says Pettit, &ldquoand so is interest in collaboration with evangelical publishers in the U.S.&rdquo&nbsp

&ldquoWe are partnering with ChristianTrade as a follow-up to last year&rsquos successful First International Meeting of Christian Publishers,&rdquo says Sinval Filho, ASEC&rsquos executive director. &ldquoWe are excited about this opportunity and have done everything possible to achieve lower costs for local infrastructure and housing, to encourage participation from publishers.&rdquo

For more information or to sign up for Marketsquare Brazil 2011, please contact Kim Pettit (+1-719-432-8428

&ldquoJoin us!&rdquo add Filho and Pettit. &ldquoCome meet your partners in ministry.&rdquo

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