Los Angeles, CA &ndash Brian Godawa, the award-winning screenwriter of To End All Wars, and author the best-selling book Hollywood Worldviews, has once again shattered the mold of Christian fiction.&nbsp Now, with the release of Enoch Primordial, the second book in the epic Chronicles of the Nephilim saga, Godawa continues to receive phenomenally positive reviews across the Internet and on Amazon.

Enoch Primordial is the prequel to his 2011 novel Noah Primeval.&nbsp It tells the story of Enoch, a wisdom sage called by God to pronounce judgment on the fallen angelic Watchers and their giant progeny, the Nephilim.&nbsp It opens generations before Noah with the original fall of the Watchers from Heaven and their secret plan to defy God and dominate the world.&nbsp When Enoch&rsquos parents are killed in an uprising of giants that threatens the land, he and his family escape to a secret hidden city where their ancestors Adam and Eve reside.&nbsp Enoch, his wife, son Methuselah, and his family discover the secrets of the angels and embark on a journey that will take them through deserts, mountains, and the waters of the Abyss to fulfill a special calling as God&rsquos first Giant Killers.

Godawa has long been known as a storyteller who both entertains and educates.&nbsp Years of Biblical research are indexed in the back of the book on topics that appear in the novel, such as the Watchers, the Book of Enoch, Cherubim and Seraphim, and the Biblical demonization of pagan gods, that inspired Enoch Primordial. By using the fantasy genre, he is able to express theological truths and open the conversation about these often misunderstood references in early scriptures and other historical writings.

Author Godawa says of Enoch:
&ldquoEnoch is the most enigmatic character in the Old Testament. Genesis only says that he walked with God and was not, for God took him. I became fascinated with him by reading in the New Testament a quote from another ancient book, the Book of Enoch, that talked in more detail about this holy man and his interaction with the Watchers and the giants of Genesis 6. I knew I had to bring this story to our generation because it was so inspirational, imaginative, and theologically profound.&rdquo

Storytellers and scholars rave:

&ldquoGodawa is a mind blowing, theologically interesting, adventurous story teller. Enoch Primordial is an imaginative tale that respects and loves the book of Genesis. It is set in the distant past, yet kicks pagan modernity in the crotch. Chronicles of the Nephilim is a saga that deserves our attention!&rdquo
&ndash Douglas TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Creature Tech and Ghostopolis

&ldquoEnoch Primordial is an entertaining, effective antidote to the pop-culture contagion of ancient alien astronauts. Godawa picks up where he left off on the wild mythopoeic journey he began in Noah Primeval. He skillfully transforms the mild-mannered, stoic biblical characters of our churched imagination into epic warriors. Long live Enoch the giant killer! Despite the liberties taken in his fantasy, the author weaves a high regard for the Bible with a subversive appreciation of ancient Mesopotamia and its mythology. This second volume to the Chronicles of the Nephilim make it the reader&rsquos choice for intelligent, theologically-informed fantasy.&rdquo
&ndash Michael S. Heiser, Academic Editor, Logos Bible Software author, The Facade and its forthcoming sequel, The Portent.

&ldquoChronicles of the Nephilim represents the new generation in novel writing. It&rsquos compact, concise, and fast paced. Intelligent yet entertaining. Godawa brings a screenwriter&rsquos sensibilities to the material that will draw in a postmodern audience that prefers books that read like movies.&rdquo
&ndash Jack Hafer, Chair, Cinema and Media Arts, Biola University Producer, To End All Wars

&ldquoWow! Are you kidding me? It’s almost impossible to find page-turning fiction that is also scholarly, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining. Looks like Brian Godawa has done it again &mdash an amazing mix of imagination plus deep reverence for the ancient Scriptures.&rdquo
&ndash Adam Christing, Founder, Clean Comedians, Writer/Director Change Your Life! and A Mormon President

ENOCH PRIMORDIAL is available now in paperback and for Kindle exclusively at Amazon.com.

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