Cooper City, FL – allAware, the innovative free instant social app for nonprofits, has launched, allowing organizations to improve communication, build member engagement, and enable mobile donations and fundraisers. Developed by the Florida-based Linxter, Inc., allAware is the proven solution for nonprofits of all kinds to maximize their virtual reach.

The brainchild of Jason Milgram, founder of Linxter, allAware grew out of observing the real world needs at the temple his family attends in Cooper City, FL. Like many faith-based organizations, Jason saw that member-wide communication was always a challenge at Temple Beth Emet, even though they utilized a website and a weekly email newsletter. Realizing a mobile app could help alleviate this problem, Jason set out to build a program that would allow members to double-check event and meetings times whenever and wherever they were. In addition, members could be informed on the latest news, chat with other members, and make mobile donations.

Development of allAware began as a side-project in January 2011. However, as Jason continued to work on the app and talk with others about his project, he realized that solving communication and fundraising challenges was a universal issue for faith-based organizations and nonprofits of all kinds. &ldquoIt was in April 2011 when I was speaking at a tech conference in Las Vegas that things changed,&rdquo said Jason. &ldquoI was taking about allAware during lunch and two folks almost jumped out of their seats asking when they could get the app.&rdquo At that point, Jason turned the entire focus of his company to completing allAware.

Early testing with organizations began in November 2011, and in February 2012 allAware beta became publically available as a test version. &ldquoAs of today, we have several hundred organizations using the app with just over 200,000 active users,&rdquo Jason explained. &ldquoOur earlier releases were a bit rough, but from working with and getting feedback from these organizations, we have been improving the app bit by bit into what I think is truly a special product.&rdquo

allAware enables members to make one-time or recurring donations with a few clicks using a previously entered credit card. Last month, allAware introduced mobile fundraisers, which allow nonprofits to sell items online, such as books, t-shirts, event tickets, or whatever they want. Just introduced is the pay-a-bill option, allowing members to pay membership fees or dues, or school or camp fees via the app as well.

The allAware app is free for members and users. In order for the company to keep the lights on, they charge organizations a $1.50 deposit fee for collected donations. The frequency of deposits is at the discretion of each individual organization. For fundraisers and pay-a-bill options, there is a $1.50 processing fee per transaction, paid by the purchaser.

Temple Beth Emet just put their gift shop online for their members. &ldquoHaving our gift shop online enables our members to purchase items, such as Shabbat candles, or a gift for a loved one, whenever it is convenient for them,&rdquo said Rabbi Frank DeWoskin. &ldquoBut what we like most about allAware is that it is improving our member engagement, allowing anytime and anywhere communication and interaction with and among our members, strengthening our community.&rdquo

&ldquoallAware does not replace anything that organizations already have such as their Facebook page or website,&rdquo explains Jason. &ldquoallAware is another tool nonprofits can use to help solve the communication and fundraising challenges they face.&rdquo

allAware is available for download at: http://www.allaware.com.

About Linxter, Inc.: Linxter, Inc. provides easy-to-use, affordable, cloud and mobile technology solutions focused on solving communication and financial transaction challenges. Based in Cooper City, FL, Linxter is a Microsoft BizSpark One alumni company. www.linxter.com.

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