BOISE, ID – (NRT), a leading Christian music and entertainment site and part of the FrontGate Media group, is excited to announce a new program that will give Christian music fans an opportunity to connect with each other while supporting worldwide missions throughout the remainder of 2010.

Starting on October 1, 2010, and continuing through the end of the year, will be donating $0.25 to various ministries on behalf of every new member of the NRTeam, the site’s exclusive Christian music community that has welcomed just under 35,000 registered members to date.

“I feel that everything NRT has done, has been building to this,” says site founder, Kevin McNeese. “I have been personally challenged for a few years now by the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. I feel God has given us an amazing and vibrant community with NRT, and I’m excited to truly tap into its potential and use what God has given us to do more for others around the world while giving new members of our community an incredibly easy way to give back.”

Introduced in June of 2007, the NRTeam gives members their own Christian music profile, and gains fans access to a multitude of exclusive community activities while earning points for free merchandise, apparel and more.

This new initiative will be focused on one ministry per month through December 2010. Starting on October 1, 2010, NRT will be partnering with, a new Christ-centered organization that is focused on breaking loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, addictions or thoughts of suicide among teens and young adults through the power of community. November will see NRT linking up with The Hands and Feet Project out of Haiti, founded by the members of Audio Adrenaline, who is caring for orphans and abandoned children of the world with the love of Christ. In December, NRT’s focus will be on blood:water mission, founded by the band Jars of Clay, who builds awareness and necessary funds for the provision of clean blood and clean water in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Each of these non-profit ministries stand for very different causes,” states McNeese, “and are focused both here in the United States as well as many third-world countries. We look forward to not only allowing new members of our site a chance to donate to these incredible ministries, but encouraging our existing community to stand with us in supporting these ministries that put Christ first and are truly doing some amazing Kingdom building work in this world. We look forward to sharing their stories with many in our community.”

The response from ministries approached has been phenomenal; each equally excited to take part in this unique opportunity.

“My Broken Palace is a non-profit organization of passionate people who want to help others in their time of brokenness,” says President and Founder Scott Brinson. “Our shared desire is that no one should ever have to deal with the crushing weight of the world alone. We are excited to partner with and so appreciate the generosity of NRT in helping us reach many more hurting teens and young adults. We hope that through this effort, lives will truly be saved.”

“We are so excited that NRT has reached out to us to take part in their efforts to match their community with real ministry,” says Bob Herdman, Director of The Hands and Feet Project. “This partnership will help us continue to care for orphans and abandoned children of the world with the love of Christ.”

Mike Lenda, US Programs Director of blood:water mission agrees. “Our desire is to inspire creative social action by inviting others to hear the story of the water and AIDS crises in Africa, and then encouraging them to creatively address the need in their own communities by using their passions and talents. This support from allows those who enjoy music to extend that passion into making a difference in the world they live in.  We couldn’t be more excited.”

You can register for the NRTeam for free at was launched in August of 2002 and offers the most complete and up-to-date listing of upcoming releases online, exclusive artist interviews, commentary from a variety of columnists, New Christian Music PodCasts and the latest in Christian music news. It is also the home to the NRTeam, an online music community that maintains one of the largest online databases of Christian artist profiles, album reviews, videos and song lyrics.

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