NRT Radio Announces Massive Expansion Of Groundbreaking Online Radio Station, NRT Radio

More than 140 new songs, expanded programming and “Rewind” selections, new electronic dance music show, iPad Mini contest — all part of massive re-launch.


BOISE, ID  —–the largest Christian music and entertainment destination online—announces the launch of a major overhaul of its official online-only radio station NRT Radio ( with all-new programming and special promotions.

Rolling out this Friday at 12:00 PM Noon Eastern time, listeners will instantly hear the difference, with more than 140 new songs from every musical genre added to NRT Radio’s more than 9-hour-long playlist.


NRT Radio reaches listeners in 118 countries who stream more than 15,000 total listening hours of music every month (TLH) with an average session length of 63 minutes. The station can be heard on, NewReleaseTuesday’s NRT Mobile and NRT Weekly apps, the TuneIn radio app, and iTunes, among other sources.


“While most radio stations are selectively adding three to five singles a month, and staying on hit songs for months at a time, NRT Radio has always been about delivering what’s new in Christian music,” said station program director and President Kevin McNeese. “The recent expansion of the station holds true to that calling.”


Since September 2010, NRT Radio has provided a unique listening experience found nowhere else online. The station combines all genres of Christian music with no repeats, no DJs, and no commercials.


In addition to the stable of fresh and emerging songs (and all-new station ID liners), NRT Radio has refreshed its “rewind” collection for the first time since its launch–featuring more than 300 songs that reach all the way back to 1995. A new rewind selection plays at random approximately every 45 minutes.


Finally, the station’s weekend lineup–featuring top-quality, nationally syndicated Christian shows–will expand with new programming and an extra broadcast hour starting at 7 p.m. Eastern on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The new programming includes SonRise, a two-hour hit music show broadcasting Saturdays from 7-9 p.m. Eastern, and a 6-hour block of worship on Sunday mornings.


Friday and Saturday nights are getting a significant octane boost as, in conjunction with DREAM Records, announces collaboration on the first hour-long syndicated Christian electronic dance music (CEDM) show hosted by David Thulin, titled The Reconstruction.


“The Reconstruction is the realization of a decade-long dream of bringing CEDM to the general public,” says Thulin.” This young and underground genre deserves to see the mainstream, and that is my mission.”


In celebration of this expansion, NRT Radio is running a contest now through the end of May that will allow listeners to unlock a secret code for a chance to win an iPad Mini. One number of a 10-digit code is given at random at the top of every hour. Everyone who breaks the code will get a free song download from David Thulin’s new hit remix album, Reconstruction.


“There are certainly listeners out there who appreciate knowing every song that comes on the radio,” said McNeese. “But we believe music education is sorely lacking in the Christian radio industry. There is simply a tidal wave of new music every quarter that goes virtually overlooked by traditional Christian radio. We’re excited to take on the responsibility of introducing fans to as much new Christian music as possible through NRT Radio, and we believe the listening experience will be unmatched.”





7-9PM The Weekend 22 (NEW TIME)

9-10PM The Reconstruction (NEW SHOW)

10-MIDNIGHT Jam the Hype



7-9PM Sonrise (NEW SHOW)

9-10PM The Reconstruction (NEW SHOW – ENCORE PRESENTATION)

10-MIDNIGHT Jam the Hype



6-NOON – Sunday Morning Drive

8-10PM – 20 The Countdown Magazine

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