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FrontGate Influencer GroupIT’S THIS SIMPLE:
Our proprietary group of Influencers generate sales and brand recognition.

In short, we get people talking and buying your film.

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MARKETPLACE LEADERS, founded by Os Hillman, is passionate about helping people merge their work lives with their spiritual lives.

Our leaders’ profile:

  • 78% are in the workplace – execs, leadership, aspiring employees, ministry
  • 52% are male, 48% female
  • 92% age 40+
  • 78% forward TGIF to others each week

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Worship Musician Drives Sales Leads

…offers BOGO full page to show your trailer.

WM generated $250,000 in qualified sales leads from our recent issue.  WM Digital is the leading source of worship training and general music news delivered to 625,000 email subscribers monthly.

WM features interactive advertising space allowing you to create user interaction with your videos such as book and movie trailers, training videos, music videos and other multimedia and to click direct links driving traffic to you.


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SUMMER SPECIAL – 7 Days of Impact!

With this offer, you achieve week-long repeat impact on the GOD TV audience through a DAILY ADVERTORIAL FEATURE in the GOD TV Email Newsletter and DAILY Social Posts.

These are large footprint ad spaces, and the 7 days of repetition ensures your message will be seen thru 931,000 emails and 7.4 million Facebook followers.

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