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New Zondervan book explains Biblical
theology through infographics and illustrations

Continuing their best-selling ‘Visual Theology’ series, authors Tim Challies and Josh Byers show how to read, trust and understand God’s Word

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 26, 2019 — Over the past several decades, belief in the Bible has steadily declined. In 2017, Gallup found that only 24 percent believe the Bible is the literal word of God, the lowest in a 40-year trend. Even among Christians, engagement with the Bible is waning. Eighty-two percent of Christians only read their Bibles in church.

In A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible, releasing today from Zondervan, authors Tim Challies and Josh Byers use illustrations and infographics to show how the Bible is put together, why each book was written and why the Bible can be trusted.

“With the rise of the digital age, our culture has become increasingly visual,” said Challies. “In A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible, we wanted to present these important biblical concepts in a format that is accessible to everyone.”

A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible is a sequel to the best-selling guide to the Christian life, Visual Theology. In this new installment, Challies and Byers clarify difficult passages and draw connections between ideas, characters and key concepts of the Bible. Additionally, they answer key criticisms of the Bible to prove the Bible is not only accurate, but divinely inspired.

“In today’s post-enlightment society, many are skeptical of the Bible’s veracity,” said Byers. “We set out to show visually not only that the Bible is accurately translated, but that it is inspired. When you see all the evidence for the Bible laid out in infographic format, it’s very compelling.”

Whether a reader is familiar with or brand new to the Bible, A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible is a useful tool for strengthening one’s understanding of Scripture and deepening appreciation of God’s Word.

“The Bible continues to be transformative in millions of lives world over. We want to help readers understand what a miracle it truly is, not just in its accuracy through the centuries, but also in its relevance in every culture and every time,” said Challies. “We hope A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible will inspire readers to approach the Scriptures with fresh eyes and allow for complex concepts to come alive for them in new ways.”

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