ECPA's Rush To PressNew Sheridan Select™ Features Enhance Powerful Book and Journal Solution


Contact: Susan Wiercinski, Vice President, Marketing, The Sheridan Group,

Hunt Valley, MD – Sheridan Select™, Sheridan’s exclusive central product management system for book and journal publishers is now available in a newly released version. Five new features enhance the user experience by providing more options and great flexibility when placing and managing print orders.

New User Interface

A sleek, more intuitive user interface now fully supports placement of both print-on-demand (POD) and non-POD orders. A navigation tool redesign and features like links to publishing industry information directly from the new home page provide expanded functionality.

Easy Order Editing

With this upgrade, it is possible to edit orders that have already been submitted and received by the Select system. Data such as quantity, special instructions, purchase orders, distribution details, and print file information can be edited right up to the point of the job being released into live production.

Future Publication Ordering

Publishers can now order future journal issues before the print files are even submitted. This convenient option means that future titles can be added to the title selection drop-down list at any time.

More Publisher Group/Order Type Designations

The Sheridan Select portal recognizes multiple publisher locations based on pre-defined publisher rules. Set up separate locations as needed, such as one for order placement, one for report receipt, one for invoicing, etc.

Expanded POD Order Types

Publishers are now able to specify various POD order types, such as orders for marketing, initial print, back issues, member orders, or warehouse orders.

Introduced in early 2013, Sheridan Select™ represents a true breakthrough in central print product management for case-bound and perfect-bound books and journals, automating print production from digital to offset, to POD and global distribute-and-print.

Tim Hurd, Sheridan’s Director of Technology, commented, “These five enhancements to Sheridan Select provide improved interactivity with print orders. From last minute order edits through to categorizing orders by division and type, Select now offers unprecedented ease of control for publishers to manage the intake and production of their print programs. The Select design team strives to understand our customers’ needs in order to deliver solutions that enhance their processes.”

About Sheridan

Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. Comprised of The Sheridan Press, Dartmouth Printing Company, Dartmouth Journal Services, and Sheridan Books, each company within The Sheridan Group has a market specialty that supports scholarly journals, magazines, catalogs, or books.