ECPA's Rush To PressNew! Rose Publishing Releases Book 3 of Best Selling Bible Charts Series
180 pages of full-color Bible charts in one reproducible book

Torrance, CA –Though most homes have a Bible (average is three Bibles), the majority of those are never read – let alone understood. Overall knowledge of the Bible is decreasing. Even for those who do read, there is rarely time committed for in-depth study.

With fewer people reading the Bible, God’s ultimate gift for understanding His will, more people are confused, misinformed, or disinterested in what the Bible says. Shorter attention spans and more media vying for our attention means we often lack a substantive knowledge of God’s Word.

An innovator of visually appealing and academically stimulating materials, Rose Publishing tries to cultivate Bible knowledge and interest by providing products that are packed with full-color maps, quick reference charts, stunning pictures, and easy-to-follow timelines.  Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 3 is perfect for those eager for tidbits of information, facts, maps, and Bible charts. It covers 27 Bible topics not included in the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Vol. 1 or 2 – offering plenty of visuals without skimping on first-class content.

Starting with a Jerusalem Time Line foldout (24 inches), the Book of Charts covers four major areas: Christian Living, Bible Favorites of the Old Testament, Bible Favorites of the New Testament, and Important Topics for Christians.  Learn about spiritual gifts (a personal self-test is included), 24 ways to explain the Gospel, a One-Year Bible reading plan (3 separate options), and explains relevant topics like forgiveness, prayer and what the Bible says about money.

“This is not just for mere study of the scriptures, but is filled with insight and instruction for practical application. While NOTHING is a substitute for the scriptures, this book could literally serve as a manual on the basics of Christian life. Many relevant topics are all packed into this one volume, making it a great book for those who love Rose’s timeless insights and are looking for instruction on how to apply them to everyday life”  — Christopher Ledezma, Bible teacher

The Important Topics section offers clear help for understanding baptism, communion, and shares valuable truths about heaven, God’s attributes, who I am in Christ and various creeds and heresies. This 220-page hardcover reference book provides hundreds of fascinating facts for personal or group study (You can make 300 copies for FREE).

“Graphically stunning and brimming over with biblical teachings . . . [it] is a delightful treat for anyone wanting to know more of what God has for them.  Strengthen your personal or church resource library with this exciting new product” – Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader

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