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New Rose Bible Studies, rooted in Scripture, provide practical help for people struggling with anger, depression, abuse, stress, forgiveness, and more

Peabody, Ma—16 million Americans deal with depression at least once in their lives; one in ten Americans struggle with anger issues. The numbers are clear, and yet the Church is not always equipped to help those who are hurting. Introducing the brand new Hope for the Heart Bible Study series, created by June Hunt. Biblically solid and easy to use, these new Bible studies are much-needed resources for churches and individuals.

The Hope for the Heart Bible Study Series offers the same level of biblical hope and practical help that readers have come to expect from Hunt, plus more. Designed to be used by individuals, Bible study groups, or small groups, each study includes 6 sessions with engaging discussion questions and journaling space. Group leaders will find tips and preparation guides as well. Rooted in Scripture, these Bible studies offer advice and spiritual encouragement on such topics as: choosing forgiveness, dealing with anger, overcoming depression, understanding verbal and emotional abuse, handling stress, and finding self-worth in Christ.

“For four years, June Hunt’s 42 topic series—which has sold over 1 million mini books—has helped people through various emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges,” says John Thompson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Hope for the Heart. “June empowers people to experience changed lives through biblical hope and practical help. We’re thrilled to be able to help even more through these new Bible studies.”


  • Based on the best-selling Hope for the Heart mini-book series (over 1.3 million copies sold).
  • Biblically-solid. Features key scripture verses as well as counseling insights to help practically apply its message to your life.
  • Easy-to-use format that anyone can lead, with tips and preparation guides for leaders.
  • Relevant and personal. Engaging discussion questions and journaling space for group or individual study.
  • Interactive. Verses to memorize, checklists, charts, and space for note-taking.
  • Trusted brand within churches and ministries for counseling.

6 x 9 inches, paperback, available now.

June Hunt is author of the 100+ topic Biblical Counseling Library. Her award-winning radio program “Hope for the Heart” is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. On her live call-in counseling program “Hope in the Night” she offers biblical hope and practical help.

Rose Publishing creates easy-to-understand Christian products that help people grow their faith. Designed for personal, church, small group, and school use, their products are packed with diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, and time lines to bring Christian teachings to life. Visit to learn more. 

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