NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 21, 2014—Publishing veterans Joe Questel and Dan Wright announce the launch of Insp!re Resources Group, a business that helps Christian publishers sell products to churches.

“The shrinking retail market has been a big problem for publishers,” said Questel. “Christian publishers actually have an edge over mainstream publishers in terms of potential growth which we believe lies in reaching the largely untapped Church market, if they have products that can work for that constituency.”

Through a dedicated expert sales staff, Insp!re Resources Group help publishers sell product to the church market and also assists publishers in building those relationships for themselves. “Our mission is to equip publishers with the type of relationships that will sustain their businesses. Our model of handing over the church contacts is a revolutionary concept that we believe will foster a stronger bond between our clients and their new church customers, setting both parties up for growth and success,” said Wright.

In an industry with more bookstores closing than opening, and internet sales, ebooks and other buying changes presenting complex challenges to publishers, growing church sales can be crucial, believe Questel and Wright.

“Church sales should be an important sales channel for any Christian publisher. We enable publishers to tap that market without committing overhead, which is key to business survival,” said Wright.

Insp!re Resources Group can be reached by dialing (615) 835-3668 or via email at .


About Insp!re Resources Group:
Started by two Christian publishing, retail and distribution veterans, the Nashville-based company’s mission reflects their individual commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joe Questel is a veteran publishing executive having been involved in all aspects of publishing since 1981.  Questel has held senior level positions at Zondervan, Spring Arbor Distributors, and Broadman & Holman Publishers.  While at Zondervan, Questel launched Symtio, a Chicago based company in the digital space that is now owned by R.R. Donnelley. After Symtio, Questel managed the sales teams responsible for the success of The Story, which sold over a million copies in just over 2 years, most all being sold direct to church.

Dan Wright has been a leader within the Christian publishing community for more than 27 years; much of this time spent leading the export and licensing teams of Thomas Nelson, Inc.   Wright’s other experience includes field sales, Christian bookstore management, and store management with Wal-Mart Inc. where he gained valuable knowledge in retail sales environments and systems.