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New from Tara-Leigh Cobble, creator and host of The Bible Recap Podcast


Minneapolis, MN The Bible Recap started as a small podcast with a big goal: to help its listeners read and understand the entire Bible in one year. Launching the podcast January 1st of 2019, Tara-Leigh Cobble aired daily episodes that chronologically reviewed each day’s Bible reading and has since helped thousands of listeners discover that He is where the joy is. Today The Bible Recap podcast has nearly 30 million downloads!

Now in book form, The Bible Recap (Bethany House Publishers, November 2020) is here to help anyone who has ever shut their Bible thinking, What did I just read? Each daily reading includes new writings from Tara-Leigh, her best commentary from the podcast, and a daily “God Shot”—those moments in Scripture where we get a clear image of who He is.

“Picture yourself actually hearing from God in His Word directly and feeling closer and more intimate with Him that you ever have before,” writes Tara-Leigh. “I believe your joy will grow deeper and richer, because you will be spending time with Him—and He’s where the joy is!”

The Bible Recap helps readers focus on the most important questions to consider while reading the Bible:

  • What does God say or do in this passage?
  • What does this reveal about what God loves?
  • What does this reveal about what God hates?
  • What does this reveal about what motivates God to do what He does?
  • In all of that, what attributes of God are displayed?

Tara-Leigh Cobble ( is the creator and host of The Bible Recap podcast and the founder of D-Group, an international network of weekly discipleship and accountability groups. She also hosts a daily radio show called The God Shot. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

Bethany House has been publishing high quality books for over 50 years. From humble beginnings as a publishing ministry for a missions organization, they are now a division of Baker Publishing Group, one of the top Christian publishing houses. Their nonfiction list encompasses a variety of subjects, including Christian living, family resources, theology, heaven, and many more. Baker Publishing Group publishes high-quality writings that represent historic Christianity and serve the diverse interests and concerns of evangelical readers. For additional information, please visit