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New Books and Bible Studies from Warner Press
Address Key Issues Facing Christians


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ANDERSON, Ind.—This summer and fall, Warner Press will release five new titles designed to help equip churches and ministries. Dealing with topics such as following Jesus in today’s world, understanding tensions in the Middle East, suffering the loss of a loved one, and interpreting Scripture, these new books and Bible studies address pertinent issues facing Christians and the Church today.

The new book “Jesus B.” by Jim Lyon explores the risks and rewards of being Jesus’ follower in today’s world. It describes how Christians who live like Jesus dramatically change their communities, and it challenges readers to allow the Spirit of Christ to do the same through them. Lyon became General Director of Church of God Ministries (Anderson, IN) in 2013 after serving as senior pastor of two dynamic congregations in Washington and Indiana. He also hosts the “CBH Viewpoint” weekly radio broadcast. A free sample chapter of “Jesus B.” is available for download at

In “Facing Islam without Fear,” author Patrick Nachtigall helps Christians understand current events in the Muslim world. He introduces the basics of the Islamic faith, explains the underlying reasons for Islam’s current instability, and does not shy away from the militancy found in many forms of Islam. Geo-political tensions, the terrorist threat, and Christian revivals breaking out are discussed as the book prepares Christians to engage Muslims—free of stereotypes, but with a realistic view of how Christianity differs from Islam. Nachtigall received his M.A. at Yale University, where he studied world religions, including Islam, and is the author of four books that deal with the interface between religion and globalization. He has traveled to more than 70 countries, lived on four continents, and his work over the past 15 years has been based in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. A free sample chapter of the book can be downloaded at

Warner Press’ newest Bible studies include “Eyewitness” and “Enough” by Crystal Colp, Jacki Kachner, Erin Lehmann, and Alice Park. In “Eyewitness,” a study of 1, 2, and 3 John, Jesus’ teachings are discussed from the perspective of John, a man who actually witnessed the life of Jesus. “Enough” is a personal, practical study of the book of Colossians that shows how a life devoted to Jesus brings true satisfaction and contentment. The authors attend the same church and originally wrote the studies for their women’s ministry to do together. 

Those suffering from the loss of a loved one will find comfort in the Bible study “Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts.” Author Julie-Allyson Ieron takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures, focusing on individuals who grieved and received God’s comfort. The book offers readers the opportunity to open their hearts to the unchanging God of the Bible, Who has come alongside His grieving children down through history. The book also can be used as a resource for pastors and counselors as they work with those who are grieving. Ieron has an extensive ministry that includes writing, publishing, conference speaking, Bible teaching, blogging, writer coaching, and caregiving.

“Jesus B.” (ISBN: 978-1-59317-680-8), “Facing Islam without Fear” (ISBN: 978-1-59317-794-2), “Enough” (ISBN: 978-1-59317-779-9), and “Eyewitness” (978-1-59317-780-5) will be available July 1. “Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts” (ISBN: 978-1-59317-796-6) will be available this fall. All of the books will be available at retailers nationwide and online.

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