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New Book Reconciles Creation and Evolution 

Written by Atheist Turned Theology Professor Dr. Niamh Middleton, HOMO LAPSUS: Sin, Evolution, and the God Who Is Love Demonstrates the Link Between Evolutionary Biology and the Origin of Life. 

Chicago, IL – For decades, Christians have discussed how evolution and intelligent design may not be mutually exclusive, although divisions on the topic remain. Related to this issue is the relationship between the theory of evolution and the origin of evil. 

In HOMO LAPSUS: Sin, Evolution, and the God Who Is Love, author and theology professor Dr. Niamh Middleton explores the link between evolutionary biology and Christianity and the origins of evil. Through her study of biology and theology, Middleton suggests that evolutionary biology provides evidence for Christian teachings on the issues of the origin of humanity, the origin of evil, and the existence of a benevolent Deity.

As Middleton researched and wrote HOMO LAPSUS, she became increasingly aware of the divisions among Christians on the topic of human origins because of the scientific doctrine of evolution. She explains, “The key to resolving the apparent conflicts between religion and science—and especially between evolutionary biology and Christianity—lies in confronting the implications of evolution for morality. Only when this has been achieved will it be possible to achieve harmony between the two disciplines.”

Dr. Middleton’s life and studies have made her well versed in multiple worldviews and differing doctrines. A native of Dublin, Ireland, Middleton was an atheist when she married a man who was, at the time, considering becoming a Roman Catholic priest. Over 10 years later, Niamh became a Christian when she was required to teach religion for her job as a primary school teacher.  The more she studied, the more her love for theology blossomed, and after a personal crisis, she realized the true comfort and hope she had in Christ. Soon after, she earned her PhD in theology from St. Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth in 2003. She now lectures on theology at Dublin City University.

HOMO LAPSUS: Sin, Evolution, and the God Who Is Love, is published by Deep River Books.

About the Author:

Dr. Niamh Middleton is a former primary school teacher who now lectures about theology at Dublin City University. When she met her teenage sweetheart and future husband Gerry, she was an atheist and he was considering becoming a Roman Catholic priest.  Despite their disagreement on the subject of religion, he changed his mind and they married, becoming the parents of two daughters. Niamh remained an atheist for over a decade after her marriage until a challenging life event caused her to explore faith and draw comfort from it. She became a born-again Christian and in 1994 began a study of theology, which culminated with being awarded a Ph.D. in 2003.  She lives in the seaside suburb of Clontarf, Dublin, where she is involved in an ecumenical Bible study group.  She enjoys reading, writing, music, and traveling.

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