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Suzanne Woods Fisher launches

Contact: Christine Gipson
Litfuse Publicity Group

Seattle— Readers will soon have a new hub for the latest scoop on Amish According to a recent Library Journal survey, Amish fiction is the most commonly carried subgenre of Christian fiction in public libraries. It’s a subgenre that has settled in and found its place on the shelves. The Amish Wisdom blog is hosted by Suzanne Woods Fisher, the best-selling and award-winning author of Amish fiction and non-fiction titles, including The WaitingThe Choice and Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World.

Amish Wisdom began as a radio show and quickly became a top-rated show, serving as a valuable connecting point for both readers and authors. “I only stopped hosting the radio show because of my writing schedule, but I missed it.” So did her audience. Mournful emails began to pour into Fisher’s inbox, sparking the idea to revive the outlet in a more sustainable way. “My thought was to ‘morph’ the radio show into print. A few months later, and a lot of help from bright and capable people, and . . . voila!”

The website will officially launch on May 6th and will feature:

  • Book Nook — Highlighting new Amish fiction releases, including interviews with favorite authors and giveaways
  • The Cook’s Corner — Recipes for delicious Amish food, featuring full-color, step-by-step photos
  • Travel Tips — Readers and authors will display photos and tips from their favorite Amish getaways
  • Ask the Amish — An actual member of the Amish community will answer readers’ questions
  • Beyond the Bonnets — A deeper look at the Anabaptists, including the theology behind their beliefs, how their faith influences their day-to-day lives and what we can learn from them
  • Events — Find out when and where authors will be speaking and doing book signings
  • News — Bestseller lists and recent awards
  • Monthly newsletter — Exclusive reader content including interviews with authors, book excerpts, publisher discount codes, book club kits, cover reveals and more!

Fisher wants to be the spot for lovers of Amish fiction to get the scoop on their favorite writers — what books are new, what books are coming and where authors are being seen and heard.

“I’m excited about bringing Amish Wisdom online,” Fisher said. “Featuring it in a blog, rather than a radio program, will allow for even greater engagement with readers.” She hopes Amish fiction and the work of those who create it will benefit from “To my way of thinking, ‘all ships rise when the tide comes in.'”

Authors and publishers will be able to submit their Amish book news and upcoming releases to the site. The site also features advertising opportunities and kits are available upon request. For more information contact, Christine Gipson at