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Diane Morrow


Dallas/Fort Worth, TX—Being single in America no longer is atypical. In fact, the latest U.S. Census reveals more single/divorced/widowed women than married ones. Now, ministering specifically to this ever-growing group of single women, Zondervan Publishing adds Fulfilled: The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman (March 2014) to its already impressive lineup of NIV Bibles.

Fulfilled provides what no other devotional bible product can deliver–the text of the most popular English Bible translation in the world paired with honest, practical, entertaining and inspiring biblical insights from Christian women who understand the unique joys and challenges of living single. Beautifully designed with distinctly feminine embellishments, the new NIV Bible highlights over 100 devotional readings by a variety of single women, such as Luci Swindoll, Janine Turner, Lisa Harper, Cathy Lee Phillips, Mary Hollingsworth, among others.

“These devotional writers know firsthand how isolated a single woman can feel in a world that often seems as if it’s been designed for couples,” says Mary Hollingsworth, general editor, contributor and spokesperson for Fulfilled. “We are praying that this Bible will truly encourage the single woman to become a powerful voice for Christ and to take advantage of the freedom they have to do what others, perhaps, cannot.”

Intended for all single women–those who have never married, those who hope to marry, those who don’t want to be married, and those widowed or divorced–the Bible features:

  • the full text of the 2011 Holy Bible, New International Version
  • over 100 devotions written by single women specifically for single women
  • profiles of 19 single women in the Bible
  • a topical index of subjects important to single women
  • 200 highlighted scriptures that have special meaning to single women
  • poignant quotations applicable to single women

Especially in Christian circles, singleness often seems an anomaly. Myths, misunderstandings and faulty theology can contribute to making the single woman feel like a misfit. Fulfilled: The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman promises to speak to the heart of single women and help them appreciate their singleness from God’s perspective.


The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman


March 2014 | $34.99


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