ECPA's Rush To PressNew Bible Commentary Focuses on Work

On June 12, 2014, pastors, professors, and parishioners will welcome a one-of-a-kind Bible resource, theTheology of Work Bible Commentary, which focuses on a single topic–people’s work. The commentary will be available online immediately and in print on Oct. 24, 2014.

Users may be surprised to discover how much the Bible says about work. “From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals that God cares about the work you do.  And yet 95% of Christians say they have they have never heard a sermon about work.  We hope to change that.”
Dr. Haddon Robinson, President, Theology of Work Project

The TOW Bible Commentary tackles subjects that many people question.  For example:

  • I’m not a minister. Does God care about my work? Does he call people to ordinary jobs?
  • My job is to promote my product. Is it OK to play up the strengths while downplaying the weaknesses?  Or does telling the truth mean I have to give a balanced view?
  • Jesus said to love our enemies.  If a competitor opens a business down the street, am I obligated to help her? If I’m up for a promotion, do I have to help the other candidates?

A team of 138 respected scholars, pastors, executives and workers from 16 countries contributed to the commentary, including:

  • Dr. Haddon Robinson, President (ret.), Denver Seminary and Gordon-Conwell Seminary
  • Ms. Katherine Leary, Founder Redeemer Presbyterian Church Center for Faith and Work
  • Dr.  Bruce Waltke, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Regent College
  • Mr. Bill Hendricks, Author, Your Work Matters to God
  • Dr. Alice Mathews, Distinguished Prof. of Women’s Studies, Gordon-Conwell Seminary
  • Mr. Thomas L. Phillips, Chairman and CEO, Raytheon, Inc. (retired)

In addition to a printed book (Hendrickson Publishers), a free online version is available  Website visitors will find videos, audios, chats, tags, and search tools to help them discover how to apply their Christian faith to their jobs.  A digital version for Logos Bible Software will also be available at

”This commentary provides a unique resource for the person who wants to better understand God’s purpose for work and how our work, whatever it may be, can be a ministry for the kingdom of God as we learn to integrate the claims of our faith with the demands of our work.”
C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, The ServiceMaster Company

William Messenger, Exec. Editor, 617-489-8768 william.messenger@
Andy Mills, Co-Chair, 781-929-9666 (not available until June 19th)

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Theology of Work Bible Commentary Endorsements

“This series is a magnificent contribution to one of the most neglected themes in Christian ethics. Avoiding the easy anachronism of finding a few proof texts that might apply to modern work, the authors let the distinctive voices and broader themes of Scripture illuminate our working life. The conversation about faith and work is deeper and richer thanks to the Theology of Work Project.”
Andy Crouch, Executive Editor, Christianity Today, Author, Culture Making and Playing God

“An easily-readable book which will give you much to think about, on every conceivable topic related to the world of work. Even if you end up disagreeing with some of the positions taken or views shared, overall this book will enlighten you on your way to work, and in your day at work.”
Prabhu Guptara, Distinguished Professor of Global Business, William Carey University, India;
Member of the Board, Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

“This commentary is a revolutionary document! It does what no other commentary has done, which is to turn us around and to see what the Bible actually says about work. Human enterprise is the main thing we do with our waking hours. It is about time that we saw that the Word of God gives meaning, purpose, perspective and practical guidelines for daily work. It is hard not to be enthusiastic about something that is just plain wonderful and transformative. This commentary can turn the church inside out as the people of God serve God full-time from Monday to Friday.”
R. Paul Stevens, Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC

“The Theology of Work Bible Commentary is an exceptional resource for not only Christians in the marketplace, but for everyone who works, period. The design and layout are brilliant! It’s easy to access material by subject and topic. I’m impressed by the contributors and know others will feel inspired and encouraged by their collective wisdom, too.”         
Nancy Matheson Burns, CEO, Dole and Bailey

“The subject of work pervades the Bible. There are many popular books on the doctrine of work and a few on the theology of work.  But this Theology of Work is the first to investigate the Biblical text book-by-book in order to glean insights into work from God’s perspective. Unfortunately work pervades much of the Christian’s life apart from God and rules it. But this book helps Christian workers to relate their labor to God and thereby make their work holy and meaningful.”
Bruce Waltke, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada 

“This commentary was written exactly for those of us who aim to integrate our faith and work on a daily basis and is an excellent reminder that God hasn’t called the world to go to church, but has called the Church to go to the world (and there is no place we do that more than at our place of work!).  Having served for more than 35 years in global leadership roles in both the for-profit and, now, the non-profit sectors, I only wish I had had access to the insights shared in the Theology of Work commentary many years ago.”
                Bonnie Wurzbacher, Chief Resource Development Officer, World Vision Int’l;
(Former) Senior VP, Global Customer Leadership, The Coca-Cola Company