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29 September 2015—NetGalley today announced a new “wish granting” feature which will allow publishers to facilitate digital book giveaways and generate reviews from professional readers and consumer influencers using the NetGalley platform. 

Susan Ruszala, NetGalley’s President, commented, “NetGalley’s 275,000+ member community is incredibly diverse: thousands of key A-list media, for example, but also a growing number of uber-fans who wield influence in social reading communities or online. We wanted to develop a program which will give publishers the flexibility to use digital galleys in a variety of ways, and wish granting does just that.” 

NetGalley has long allowed publishers to set request availability by member type and date, so that booksellers, librarians and trade-oriented members with long lead times can request digital review copies earlier. When a member isn’t able to request, they can “wish” for a title. Publishers can now grant wishes to randomly-selected members, who can then read, review and recommend the book. 

Although members are not required to provide or share reviews, members who demonstrate influence receive access to new books earlier and more frequently.

“Gaining early access to a new book drives engagement, anticipation and authentic recommendations that help to build word-of-mouth. We have already begun developing creative marketing campaigns in partnership with our publishers and authors around wishing and wish granting,” added Ruszala. NetGalley has a full suite of direct and on-site marketing programs to engage influencers to provide reviews, feedback and social media shares about new books. Members provide an average of 50,000 reviews per month via NetGalley.

NetGalley members can look for the wishbone icon when they browse titles.  

Reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers, and educators can register for free at to request titles, or be invited to view titles directly by publishers. For quicker approvals, NetGalley also has a number of programs to validate booksellers and librarians, in partnership with associations such as the American Library Association, American Booksellers Association and the Booksellers Association in the UK.

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