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NavPress launches new era for bestselling Bible Study series

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 22, 2022) – NavPress announced today that they plan to extend their bestselling LifeChange Bible study series in September with three new studies, expanding the line into biblical topics of broad interest. “We’re excited to bring this next generation of LifeChange Bible studies to a new generation of Christians,” said Caitlyn Carlson, acquisitions and development editor at NavPress.

To date, nearly 3 million people have used the groundbreaking Bible study series. Starting in the early 1980s, over the course of forty-five titles, the series encompasses every book of the Protestant Bible. “The series focuses on learning the skills of Bible study by studying the Bible,” Carlson continues. “You discover new things in the Scriptures, and at the same time you’re discovering new questions to ask, new ways to look at the text.”

Who Jesus IsThe Fruit of the Spirit, and Christian Community are the first three titles to apply the distinct form and structure of LifeChange to studies that each look at a theme or topic spread throughout the Scriptures rather than focusing squarely on one book of the Bible.

“We adapted the LifeChange structure to accommodate this new direction,” said Jack Kuhatshek, publishing industry veteran and author of nineteen Bible studies. Kuhatshek wrote the first three LifeChange topical studies and worked with Carlson to establish the series template. “We wanted to take into account both the distinct demands of a study that seeks to understand what the Bible says about a particular subject and the changes over time to how people engage with the Bible and one another when studying Scripture together.”

Future topical LifeChange Bible studies will release regularly, starting with Women of the New Testament, written by Joyce Koo Dalrymple, releasing in summer 2023. “I’m excited to contribute to this new era for the LifeChange series,” Koo Dalrymple wrote. “These studies are an excellent tool for drawing people into the Scriptures and helping them grow more confident in their study.”

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