Music PR Campaign for Christian Artists from OCP

Music PR Campaign for Christian Artists from OCP

OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) is committed to providing the best resources, music, and service to worshipers all over the world. One of the ways OCP fulfills its mission to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all is by creating and promoting new music from faith-focused artists like Josh Blakesley and Thomas Muglia. FrontGate Media was hired to help promote the latest releases from Blakesley and Muglia through a Music PR campaign and supporting Influencer campaign.

Target Audience

With the latest releases from these artists, OCP sought to expand its target audience beyond its core of Catholic music directors and church staff. The goal of this Music PR campaign was to generate more attention from the traditional Christian music world. FrontGate PR developed, branded, and executed the faith-based public relations and Christian social influencer campaign to create awareness for these OCP artists within the Christian and mainstream audiences.


A quality Music PR campaign can reach and engage audiences, including music fans, Christian lifestyle devotees, Evangelicals, Catholics, and more. This Faith and Family market requires unique messaging and strategy to resonate with the hearts and minds of these audiences. To generate brand awareness and engagement for Josh Blakesley and Thomas Muglia, we leveraged our experience in communication to collaborate, write media kits and press releases, and pitch interviews and stories to provide the artists with the best opportunities for exposure and coverage. 

The Music PR campaigns lasted three months and were supported by simultaneous Christian Influencer campaigns. Our Christian Influencer Group put Blakesley’s and Thomas’ music in front of their audiences to create an impact and generate more downloads, listens, and views for their music.


The brief 3-month campaigns for both OCP artists generated significant results, including…

PR Campaign Results for Thomas Muglia 

FrontGate’s PR team generated earned media results in just three months, securing coverage for this DEBUT ALBUM from 31 key Christian music and mass communications outlets and an Exclusive World Premiere at CCM Magazine for Muglia’s Music Video For “Let My Tongue Be Silenced.”

Coverage highlights include the top Christian Music sites CCM Magazine, NewReleaseToday, and JesusFreakHideout, major outlets MSNBC, BeliefNet, and iHeart, multiple Christian podcasts, radio stations, and other news outlets representing a total online readership of 35.2 million. The media coverage included news and interviews to promote Muglia’s new album, I Have a Father.  See our Thomas Muglia press release here.

Music PR Campaign for Christian Artists from OCP

PR Campaign Results for Josh Blakesley

The 3-month campaign for Blakesley’s NEW SINGLE “Come to the Banquet” from a forthcoming album release generated earned media from 20 key Christian music outlets and an Exclusive World Premiere at New Release Today for his music video. 

Coverage highlights include the biggest media outlets in the industry: New Release Today, The Christian Beat, JesusFreakHideout, and more, representing a total online readership of 652,000. Read our Josh Blakesley press release here. 


Music PR Campaign for Christian Artists from OCP

Influencer Campaign Results

We elected to add Influencer campaigns to coincide with the Music PR strategy. In our strategy session for these Influencer campaigns, we decided to engage influencers to use songs from each artist to post Reels on Instagram. The strategy was very successful, accomplishing our goal of influencer and audience engagement while getting the songs heard! 

The simultaneous Influencer campaigns were an excellent addition, creating additional buzz that resulted in extending the reach and engagement for Blakesley and Muglia.


Influencer Results for Josh Blakesley  

17 influencers promoted Reels featuring the song for Blakesley’s “Come to the Banquet” with a total audience reach of 235,495 impressions and generating 31,352 social engagements (Likes, Comments & Shares) across Instagram and a few spillover posts to Facebook as well. 

Influencer Results for Thomas Muglia

11 influencers promoted Reels featuring the title song from Muglia’s album, “I Have a Father,” with a total audience reach of 84,500 impressions and generating 16,510 social engagements (Likes, Comments & Shares) on Instagram


Music PR Campaign for Christian Artists from OCP


How FrontGate Media Generates Substantial Results

The process for developing and executing a successful Christian Music PR campaign is highly detailed and personalized. Throughout our time working with OCP, we took the following steps to ensure the artists and their music reached the right audience at the right time for maximum engagement.

  1. Define and refine the correct approaches and key message points to promote in the faith-based public relations campaign to ensure each artist is presented to media outlines in alignment with their current brand and messaging.
  2. Create the core Media Kit with Artist and Brand Bios, initial release(s), and any key highlights to promote, along with initial press photos and, most importantly, music samples to hear and/or see.
  3. Produce at least 1-3 press releases over the term announcing milestones reached, goals achieved and other newsworthy events; highlighting any partnerships with major causes, churches, ministries, denominations, associations or other organizations; announcing new releases, tour dates, or other offerings, and any other strategic opportunities we developed together.
  4. Highlight the artists and their testimonials for interviews nationally to the general outlets and regionally focus on key areas targeted for growth.  
  5. Identify key topics and pitch stories for articles in publications.
  6. Pitch and arrange interviews for targeted news, radio and television talk shows.
  7. Manage media lead times to make the most of opportunities during the PR timeline. Annual campaigns will generally be much more successful than 6-month campaigns, which will be more successful than 3-4 month campaigns. 
  8. Leverage any endorsements from other high-profile entertainment, corporate and ministry leaders seeking to leverage their brand for your benefit. 
  9. Include at least one Religion News Service or Christian Newswire release to secure additional placements, which not only provided additional exposure but also aid in SEO backlinking. 
  10. Study the market trends, report earned media success, and adjust the message of the media campaigns accordingly.

Are you interested in promoting your latest project or product via an in-depth, highly-targeted PR campaign? FrontGate Media’s team of PR experts can help. Let’s talk about your options!