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Mundo Cristão, one of the major publishing houses in Brazil,
celebrates its fiftieth anniversary  

“Half a century looking into the future” is the slogan that captures a history
of achievements and challenges in Christian literary production

In 2015, Mundo Cristão celebrates five decades of service in transforming lives. As one of the major publishing houses in Brazil, committed to biblical revelation and historical Christian theology, MC aims to produce books that will be relevant to Christian faith and will contribute to strengthen families in our society.

Established in 1965 by American missionary Dr. Peter Cunliffe, MC began as Mundo Cristão Magazine, a family-oriented publication. Following the numerical, economic and social growth of Christians in the country, MC took on a strategic role by expanding and developing its editorial vision along the years. Among dozens of books, it published A Bíblia Viva [Portuguese version of The Living Bible], a landmark in the history of evangelism in Brazil, with more than 20 million free copies distributed of the New Testament.

In 1985, plans for opening a publishing house in France led Peter Cunliffe to invite Mark Carpenter to direct the company in Brazil. “In order to tackle the work ahead, it was important to understand our greatest needs and weaknesses. I knew that we would only succeed if offered high quality services to our readers, so it was important to develop in our team the concept of excellence at each step of the process”, says Mr. Carpenter, who is a journalist, M.A. in Modern Literature, and president of MC these 30 years.

In the challenging historical and political context in Brazil at the time, the publisher began with a staff of four people, and pursued excellence in its services to suppliers and readers as the key to success. It was the first Christian publishing house to have a relevant presence in the competitive market of secular bookstores, and to participate in the prestigious São Paulo International Biennial Book Fair.

As a mark of its commitment to high quality standards and the satisfaction of its readers, associates, and suppliers, MC also became the first publishing house in Brazil to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Due to its nondenominational character, MC has access to a widespread readership, publishing from 35 to 40 new titles a year and distributing them in Brazil and other countries such as Angola, Mozambique and the USA. MC has now published more than 800 titles that have brought help and encouragement to individuals and families.

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