FrontGate Media was hired by author, speaker, and professor Niamh Middleton to develop and execute a multi-channel brand awareness, engagement communications, and lead generation campaign utilizing her latest book, Jesus and Women. 

The campaign began with developing a content plan for her website and social platforms and designing her email newsletter. We executed the plan through monthly content creation, including writing blogs and social posts tied to her current book, writing and sending her monthly email newsletters, developing a book trailer, and creating a lead generation premium to promote her brand and build her email list. 

Keep reading to learn more about our content strategy and see examples of the campaign creatives. 

Multi-Channel Christian Marketing Campaign Strategy with Asset Examples

Develop and Film a Book Trailer for Jesus and Women

FrontGate Moving Pictures provided creative direction and production for the Jesus and Women book trailer. This nearly two-minute video is used to promote the book on Niamh’s website and social media pages.

Jesus and Women Book Trailer - Part of the Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Write One Blog Post per Month

We began writing SEO-optimized blog posts for Niamh’s website, focused on topics related to the book’s content. We answered readers’ most popular questions, like “What does the Bible say about women, female leadership, and feminism?” Each blog post provides in-depth answers and points readers to Niamh and her book, Jesus and Women, to learn more about the topics discussed.

Jesus and Women Blog Posts - Part of the Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Write, Design, and Send One Email Newsletter per Month

Using the monthly blog as the anchor content, we designed an email template to feature the post and promote Niamh’s books. We send the monthly email newsletter to Niamh’s growing list of engaged subscribers that come from our lead generation campaign. The email includes eye-catching imagery and a snippet from the blog post to generate interest and clicks to the website. It also promotes Niamh’s recent books to increase sales.

Jesus and Women Email Newsletter - Part of the Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Create Weekly Social Content Promoting the Book and Blog Posts

In addition to monthly blog posts, the FrontGate team writes and publishes content on Niamh’s Facebook page and other social platforms. Our content strategy includes direct links to the blog posts, as well as thought-provoking questions and quotes with supporting graphics and links to purchase Jesus and Women.  

Develop a Lead Generation Ad Campaign on Facebook

Lastly, we developed a Facebook lead generation ad campaign and have collected 970 leads to date. As an ongoing effort, we expect to see Niamh’s email list grow even more. As people become subscribers, they’ll be nurtured through the monthly blogs and newsletters, building a loyal following and new customers.

Jesus and Women Lead Gen Ad - Part of the Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Need a Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign for Your Christian Brand? We Can Help!

Are you a Christian-owned business, organization, or charity looking for new ways to increase brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation? A comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign is a great place to start. 

At FrontGate Media, we develop strategic campaigns and handle the design and copy to engage and convert the Faith & Family audience. Whether you want monthly blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, or all of the above and more, we have an expert team ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our writing and design services!