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  Biola Media Conference  

Biola Media Conference 2008
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“BLUEPRINT HOLLYWOOD: Designing For the Digital Age

The Biola Media Conference is THE event for anyone active in the entertainment field with their Christian faith. 

On Saturday, May 3rd at CBS Studios in Studio City, California, the 2008 Biola Media Conference features the timely theme:  “Blueprint Hollywood: Designing for the Digital Age." 

General Sessions for the event will be conducted onsite in one of the many soundstages on the lot. 

In addition, this year’s event has significantly increased time for personal connection and networking, much of which will take place on the Downtown New York Street set where CSI: New York is filmed.

Providing access to top professionals in film, television, and digital media, this year's conference will address the challenges for Hollywood at the dawn of the online entertainment revolution.  The conference features major industry keynotes, and workshops that explore the changes producers, writers, directors, actors, and other professionals will encounter as we transition from traditional to digital media.

The 2008 conference is the 13th annual event and will draw 600-800 attendees in search of professional training and instruction from some of the most influential individuals in Film, TV, Radio, PR and Journalism today.  Topics cover every aspect of media related careers, technologies, and ministries from the creative, to the financial, and production processes for media.  

Special sessions will feature panels on content, platforms, and production, and how creativity, delivery systems, and financing will impact the future.  We'll also hear from professionals who have been there before, and can report from the front lines on the changes coming up in your life and work. 

This innovative event is designed to explore the evolving opportunities in cinema and media arts and has become the largest event in the country for people of faith working in the entertainment industry.  Please join us at the new location at CBS Studios, in Studio City and discover the information, people, and opportunities that transform careers. 

The event is sponsored by the Cinema and Media Arts Department at Biola University, one of the most effective and successful entertainment degree programs in the country.  Located only 30 miles from the entertainment capital of the world, Biola attracts and supplies unprecedented access to industry professionals and opportunities, bringing an integrated standard of professionalism and Christian faith that is helping to change our world. 

 "This generation is visual, digital, and connected. Reaching this culture continues to be the greatest challenge ever faced. Our goal is to create a new strategy for reaching an image based generation." 
~ Ralph Winter, Executive Producer X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Co - Chairman of the Biola Studio Task Force

 “At The Biola Media Conference, the focus is on the real-life, practical issues of producing films and creating television and other media.  Theoretical discussions are nice, but if you want to get your hands dirty and make a real difference, then this is the place to be.”
~ Phil Cooke, President and Creative Director of Cooke Pictures, Founding Partner of TWC Films, and Co - Chairman of the Biola Studio Task Force.

 "Biola continues to emerge as the best place around for young Christian filmmakers to develop a unique point of view, and to become excellent at their craft." 
~ Scott Derrickson - Director/Screenwriter of Exorcism of Emily Rose, Biola Alumnus ('89)

 “The Biola Media Conference is for many the first step to a career in Hollywood. I recommend it.”
~ Mark Joseph, Founder/CEO of MJM Entertainment Group & Bully Pulpit Records, Producer, Monkey Trial. Producer, Passion of The Christ Songs CD, columnist for FoxNews.com.

“The Biola Media Conference is crucial resource for effectively bringing Christian thought into America's influential media culture.  The quality of the conferences is exemplary.”
~ David McFadzean, Wind Dancer Productions (Producer, Home Improvement, and What Women Want w/Mel Gibson)

 “The spiritual and practical importance of this conference should not be underestimated. It gives attendees the opportunity to hear wisdom from accomplished professionals who actually care about them -- something they are not as likely to get out in the media world which they are trying to break into.”
~ Brian Godawa, Screenwriter, Frank Peretti’s The Visitation and To End All Wars (Kiefer Sutherland)


Each year’s event features top speakers from all aspects of the industry.  Surprise guests frequently appear to speak and attend each year.  A partial speaker list from previous conferences includes… 

MARK ZORADI                                President of Disney Motion Picture Group

SIMON SWART                               Executive VP for FOX Home Entertainment                     

SCOTT DERRICKSON                     Writer/Director, The Exorcism of Emily Rose

RALPH WINTER                              Executive Producer, X-Men, Fantastic Four, X3

STEVE MCEVEETY                        Producer of Passion of the Christ, Braveheart, We Were Soldiers

SHERRI SHEPHERD                       Actress:  The View, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Jamie Foxx Show

MIKE KLAUSMAN                           President of CBS Studio Center

BRIAN BIRD                                    Executive Producer, Touched By An Angel, The Last Sin Eater

ARTHUR ANDERSON                      Producer/Director, Face Off, Mission Impossible ll, Ml:3

DARREN GRANT                             Director, Diary of a Mad Black Woman

LORI MCCREARY                            Producer/CEO of Revelation Entertainment with Morgan Freeman

STEPHANIE FREDERIC                   Producer/Director for Black Entertainment Television

KEN WALES                                   Producer, Amazing Grace

DEAN BATALI                                  Executive Producer/Writer, That 70’s Show

TERRY BOTWICK                            Producer/CEO of Thunderpoint Studios

PHIL COOKE                                   Founding Partner of TWC Films, President/Producer/Director of Cooke Pictures

CHUCK SLOCUM                             Exec. VP - Writer's Guild of America, Chair. Act One

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