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Moody Publishers launches Bible to Life

Moody Publishers is excited to announce the launch of a new online ministry, This virtual library exists to help people at all stages of their lives better understand, engage, and love God’s Word.

“Our hope with is that we’ll be able to actively and nimbly serve our readers by using both original pieces and curated content from our books to point them right back to the Bible. Chris Martin and our team here have worked diligently to identify the core questions and needs so many of our readers have and the result is Bible to Life! It’s essentially a digital product… that never gets finished! We want to provide answers to questions, hope in the midst of anxiety, and direction toward Jesus in the chaos of our world,” said Randall Payleitner, Associate Publisher at Moody Publishers.

Christians, people curious about matters of faith, and others are going to the internet to find answers to their questions with as much if not more frequency as their local church or faith leaders. The problem is that a lot of the answers people find atop their Google search results simply aren’t trustworthy. Even if some of the top search results aren’t clearly wrong, it can be difficult to discern who is behind the websites and whether or not their answers should be trusted.

The Bible to Life content is written by trusted authors, vetted by Moody Publishers in the publishing process. Find articles from people like pastors Tony Evans, Alistair Begg, or John MacArthur, authors like Priscilla Shirer, Hannah Anderson, and Trillia Newbell, Moody Bible Institute professors Michael Rydelnik,Sanjay Merchant, and Kevin Zuber.

Contact: Kathryn Eastham,, 312-329-2140