LogoFinal_CrossexaminedStarted in 2006, CrossExamined is a non-profit organization dedicated to Christian apologetics. They equip students with the tools to defend their faith, and conduct engaging seminars on campuses where high school and college-age students can actively participate. They are an inter-denominational organization, seeking not to divide churches, but rather to unite with the common goal of presenting evidence that valid the truths of Scripture.  Their definition of Christian apologetics is “Christian apologetics can be summarized in two parts: (a) objective reasons and evidence that Christianity is true (it corresponds to reality) and, (b) the communication of that truth to the world (source)”.

Why They Engaged FrontGate:

CrossExamined reached out to FrontGate to build a successful public relations campaign that would increase their brand awareness among core audiences via the following Key Ministry Goals:

• Give New Exposure to the CrossExamined brand
• Seek new media outlets for interviews
• Book interviews and secure contributed content.

Target Audience:

We defined the core target audience for this campaign as those affiliated with colleges and universities: as students, as parents, and as pastors and churches who would benefit from equipping their students.  Outreach was focused on Colleges and Universities, Talk Radio, and Pastors.

Campaign Details:

Our campaign centered on presenting key CrossExamined.org team members as the experts in their field to secure interviews, and to build awareness around available resources:
–  The campaign began on 4/30/2014 with an initial press release and follow up to our extensive lists of press and media.
– Veritas press release outreach began on 6/2.
– Reclaiming America release outreach began 7/24.

– Internal press lists: 1,500+ contact targets were matched from our internal databases and contacted for each press release.
– Additional servicing of the initial release was done through PRweb which resulted in 806 reads, 127 new media interactions, and a total of 60, 251 impressions in their network.

Through the combination of press releases and direct engagement calls to targeted media outlets, we secured multiple media interviews for CrossExamined’s leadership team including Dr. Frank Turek (read his bio here).  More than 35+ interviews for this very specialized ministry have been secured, including major media outlets.  A small sampling of media secured includes:

  • American Family Radio’s morning show, heard in more than 200 markets.
  • Faith Filled Family Magazine, readership of 80,000.
  • Interview secured for Herman and Sharron Show on Christian Television Network, network reaches 45 million.
  • Wallbuilders Radio – heard on 200 stations nationwide.
  • …and more, with continued bookings confirmed into November of this year.

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