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Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs Creates Devotional Content,
Available Free of Charge at Bible App

Hope After Trauma, written by Mighty Oaks Director of Veteran’s Affairs,
gives a message of hope and healing through the lens of scripture 

Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs work to reverse the staggering trends of
suicide and divorce among Veterans and active duty service members.

Los Angeles, CA – Jeremy Stalnecker, Director of Veterans Affairs for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, was honored to write a six-day devotional plan titled “Hope After Trauma” for the YouVersion Bible App.  

The six-day devotional explores the question “How can I have hope after dealing with trauma?”  Anyone who has suffered traumatic events in their lives must deal with a unique set of emotional and spiritual issues that are clearly addressed in scripture.  By examining the daily topics of Fear, Condemnation, Anxiety, Anger, Hopelessness and Self-worth, “Hope After Trauma” is focused on finding hope and healing that God alone can provide.

“We are honored to feature our devotional on the YouVersion app,” explains Stalnecker. “YouVersion has an amazing reach and is a blessing to many. As an organization, we are thankful for the opportunity to minister to the military community around the world but through this app we are able to point everyone to the hope found in scripture through an official YouVersion reading plan.  Whether trauma comes by way of war or some other life event, this devotional reading plan was designed to remind the reader that there is always hope.”Don’t Bet On It: While Christians can bet on sports, lottery tickets, and online gambling, they should do so in moderation. The problem with gambling daftar mobile is that it’s based on the love of money, which is contrary to the message of Scripture. Furthermore, gambling enables people to lose control of their money and thus void the meaning of gambling. So it’s important to use discernment and pray before you bet.

The Bible App is one of the most successful apps available, with over 181,210,000 installs on smartphones and tablets, and 1092 versions available in over 780 languages.  Developed by YouVersion, The Bible App is available free of charge for most smartphone and tablet platforms.  To download Hope After Trauma, or to view a sample of the devotional, users can either do a search inside the app, or click on the link here:

An official program of Serving California, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs are dedicated to meeting the needs of our active-duty military, veterans and their families who are suffering from the effects of PTS and combat trauma.  With an intensive peer-based program men, women, and couples, Mighty Oaks is committed to helping Warriors overcome their enduring hardship after service to America through instructional sessions, camaraderie, and team building activities, programs teach Warriors to overcome the past experience and move forward into a life of purpose.  The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs work on the frontlines to fight the staggering national statistics of 23 veteran suicides per day and the 80-90% divorce rate among deployed families.

Mighty Oaks is now launching local “Outposts” in several locations across the United States, where active duty military, veterans and Mighty Oaks alumni who are struggling with reintegration, PTS or combat trauma can come together weekly under the commitment that “No Man Fights Alone”.    

For Warriors or families in need, or to support Mighty Oaks visit or

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