Where to advertise? When it comes to placing digital ads online, you have many options to reach the Family and Family audience.

Where to advertise to reach the family and family audience online?

Not sure where to advertise to reach the Christian audience online? Here are some ideas:

✔️Social Ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Gab, LinkedIn, and YouTube
✔️Google Ads that show up in search results for specific keywords and topics
✔️Digital Display Ads on websites relevant to your brand and target audience(s)
✔️ and last but certainly not least DIRECT EMAIL of your ad to various subscriber lists

So how do you choose?

Start by identifying your target audience(s) and where they spend their time online. Are you trying to reach a specific demographic? If so, you’ll need to choose the social platforms and media brands that are popular with those audiences.

SOCIAL advertising and influencers continue to work great for most organizations. For example, now that Meta has removed faith-based targeting from Instagram & Facebook you and still reach Christians through your own lookalike audiences from your past advertising, or if you don’t have past audiences, you can use an agency like FrontGate because we do have them. Our new options through GAB are also great for reaching the Christians and Conservatives who left Facebook.

Find the right MEDIA OUTLETS to advertise on their sites and direct email lists, the ones that best match your target audiences, examples from us include The Washington Times for Conservative Christians, Catholics, and Women; or NewReleaseToday for entertainment consumers, or For Ever Mom for Christian Moms.

If you’re trying to reach Millennials or Gen Z, you’ll see the best results by advertising on Instagram or TikTok.

If you’re hoping to reach CHURCH LEADERS, consider advertising on popular Christian websites like Church Leaders or Sermon Central, or through email lists from those or Cachet, iTickets, or others; or used LinkedIn in the social space.

The more you can define your target audience, the easier it is to choose the right advertising platform to reach and engage your ideal market. Let us know if you have any questions! 😁

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