Ever wondered what you should share in your email newsletter every month? Here are a few ideas:


✨New Content: Did you publish a new blog or case study? Share it in your newsletter.

✨Social Posts: Are you active on social media? Encourage your subscribers to follow you & engage.

✨Sales & Promotions: Do you have an upcoming sale or discount code? Tell your email subscribers.

✨Products & Services: Launching a new service or product line? Talk about it in your newsletter. 

✨Inspiration & Encouragement: Did you come across an inspirational Bible verse or devotional? Encourage your audience by sending it in your newsletter.

✨Events: Are you hosting, attending, or speaking at an upcoming event? Give your readers more information and encourage them to attend. 

✨Call to Action: Do you want your audience to do something? Your email newsletter is the perfect place to drive conversions.


What do you like to include in your email newsletters?


Let us know in the comments! 😁