As you prep for the new year, it’s important to think about what success looks like for you in 2023.



One way to define success with your Christian business or ministry’s marketing is to identify your KPI’s–or Key Performance Indicators.

Some common KPI’s that organizations use to measure marketing success include:

✔️ Revenue growth
✔️ Revenue per client
✔️ Number of clients
✔️ Profit margin
✔️ Client retention rate
✔️ Customer satisfaction
✔️ New contracts signed
✔️ Average conversion rate
✔️ Website traffic
✔️ Product sales
✔️ Email open rate
✔️ Email click-thru rate
✔️ Email subscribers

With so many goals to measure, which ones do you want to focus on in 2023?


Let us know in the comments! 😁