imagesFacebook is a useful tool for all brands and companies, but can be particularly useful for those who are marketing Christian cause or non-profit brands. Though Facebook can be a treasure trove of resources, some users are confused or lost when they venture onto the social media platform with their cause or company. We have rounded up tips and tricks to help you make the most of Facebook, and move your cause to the top of the list!

-Did you know that there is a whole page on Facebook dedicated to encouraging non-profit organizations? For those who are just starting out, it has some really handy tips on increasing audience reach and statistics. It’s a great resource for beginners, but even seasoned Facebook users will find answers to key questions as well. You can click here to go to Facebook’s non-profits page.

-Facebook has an official policy about text and ads, and you will need to make sure any promoted content abides by their policy. If you’re unfamiliar with it, be sure to read Facebook’s policy. It discusses their 20% rule about text, to make the images and advertisements more reader friendly and visually attractive. Creating compelling ad content will help when and if you choose to go the advertising route.

-If you’re unsure how to create ads that specifically will increase your website conversion rates, click that link and then select “website conversion“.  The info there will specifically grow the numbers related to your site, which is great for non-Facebook posts like blogs or campaigns. Using this ad creator allows your to specify the kind of growth you want, even including Facebook specific items such as “likes” (useful for brands who primarily use Facebook as marketing versus a traditional website upkeep).

-Use the features that are available right on your Facebook page. One such tool is the “Questions” tool, where you can create a poll-like question to engage your readers. You may ask for ideas about improvement, or the type of content they want to see. You can do multiple choice questions, so you may pose one like, “What kind of content do you like seeing the most?”, and put choices like “blogs, special events, or articles”. You can also create a store right on your page, if you have brand specific products (such as tee shirts or stickers, etc). There is a great tutorial for creating a store on Facebook. “Causes” is another useful aspect of Facebook that can benefit your non-profit. There’s a great discussion here that goes into more detail.

-Above all, CREATE ENGAGING CONTENT. That’s what all social media comes down to!  Offer exclusive Facebook content such as an interview with a staff member, or an inspiring story which make great video exclusives. You want to post content that will draw your readers in. Don’t just link every single blog and web update to your Facebook, or you will lose traffic to the website or the social media page, because readers will catch on quickly. Remember, respect the intelligence of your readers and your fans, and they will reward you with “likes” and comments!

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