Are you looking for ways to increase your online donorship? If you are a non-profit surviving in this day and age then your answer is a resounding YES!

Increasing your online giving isn’t about getting someone to respond to a one-time offer, though it may start there. At FrontGate, we have worked thousands of campaigns over our 13+ years of serving, including past recognition as World Vision’s #1 Direct Email Partner for six years in a row. We have found that the most successful campaigns, those resulting in the most new donor acquisitions, tend to have 5 key areas in common.

Untitled11. THEY GRAB PEOPLE’S ATTENTION TO COLLECT A NAME– via a fascinating image, a startling fact, or a compelling face. For a direct response campaign, make sure your “Donate Now” button is highly visible. Have your call to action – Donate Now – tied to your compelling image. For a name building campaign, offer something of value such as an ebook or other item in exchange for the donor providing their contact information.

2. THEY USE COMPELLING IMAGERY – We are visual beings. We take in more complex detail via our sight than by any other sense. We like to see what is being communicated to us. Show your future donors the good THEY can be a part of.

3. THEY ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GIVE MONTHLY – One time gifts are wonderful, and a monthly commitment is even better!  You have people to take the specific action you want them to take.  Make the request for monthly giving in the form of a benefit statement so the donor will understand why their monthly gift is important.  Monthly donors obviously grow your long term online performance, increase monthly revenue predictability, and improve the odds that your new donor will remain engaged.  Even if they don’t immediately convert to giving monthly, be sure to continue to suggest that option in your ongoing communication with them via email and your social outlets.

naitonaldayofprayer4. THEY ADD SOCIAL PROOF – Social proof is using your social media following to show new, potential donors that you have a lot of “buy-in” or support.  You do this by adding social media widgets to your donation page, to show the size of your following.

5. THEY ARE TRANSPARENT – Donors want to know what kind of impact your organization is making and where their money is going.  In today’s world, they no longer need to blindly trust your organization.  Use third-party leverage via sites like Charity Navigator to add their weight to your credibility so donors can see for themselves.  Keep developing and reinforcing donor trust by sharing about all the good that you do via charts, stats, and other information. For a good example, see Compassion International at Charity Navigator.

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