Are you Posting and Ghosting?

It’s Time to Get Social on Socials!

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.


Are you posting and ghosting on social media?

If you’re posting and ghosting, you aren’t getting the most out of your social media marketing. You need to engage with your followers and non-followers to establish trust and increase brand awareness.

If you engage with your followers before and after posting, social media algorithms will place your content higher up on people’s feeds. This results in more engagement, likes, and comments on your posts.

Here is a simple way to make social media engagement a consistent part of your marketing efforts: Engage on your primary social media platform for 15 minutes every day. Spend…

5️⃣ minutes responding to any comments or direct messages

5️⃣ minutes commenting on your followers’ posts

5️⃣ minutes commenting on posts or sending messages to non-followers who are your ideal audience

Whatever you do, stop posting and ghosting!

Give it a try, and let us know if you see a difference in how well your posts perform! To read more marketing tips, check out our Marketing Tips blog.