Want to save time? Repurpose content.

Repurpose content

Content repurposing not only decreases content creation hours, but it also provides more value to your audience.

Here’s an example of how to repurpose content:

1. Create an e-book. While you are likely to be spending time and manpower creating value-rich resources for your audience, you can repurpose this content into an e-book or books for months–even years–depending on how long and in-depth it is.

2. Use your e-book as your lead generation “freebie.” Offer your e-book for free in exchange for your audience’s email addresses. Now you don’t have to create another resource for lead gen.

3. Write a blog post on every chapter or section of your e-book. The best part is the content is already written. All you have to do is reformat each section for your website and make sure to optimize with SEO keywords and phrases.

4. Create a social media post for every blog post. You can even break the blog posts into multiple social media posts. Create a few graphic posts that share educational information and helpful tips and a few videos for Reels, TikTok, or YouTube. Make sure to add a CTA in your captions to head to your blog for more information!

5. Share your social media posts in your email newsletter. Direct your email subscribers to your social media pages for tips, tricks, and resources!

You get the picture! Any time you create a piece of content, challenge yourself to find at least three other ways to use the content across your marketing channels.