Marketing Tip: Reclaim Your Cleaned Emails

You work hard and spend money to acquire emails. Don’t let simple typos result in lost relationships.

While working on the marketing and communications campaign for several of our clients, we were doing our regular review for bad emails to dump in order to remove those bad addresses and bring list size down to reduce the clients’ list hosting costs.

In these campaigns, we handle the whole process from filling the target audience funnel at the top with lead gen through social advertising to build cilents’ email lists, and then also build the relationship with these new subscribers through drip campaigns to warm them up, then email newsletter and social content creative and scheduling.

Your email system is trained to “clean” or remove emails with typos. It will, however, keep a record of those emails. You can go in and reclaim them by fixing simple typos.

You’d be amazed how many times a .com is typed as .co or .con, or how often “gmail” is typed as “gmal,” or “yahoo” is typed “yaho9” with just a slip of the finger.

Another thing to look out for is a typo in the recipient’s name if their name is part of their email address.

Fix these errors and re-upload the corrected contacts for email success!

Another tip is to archive your unsubscribes, as long as you are not using them for retargeting ads, so they don’t count towards your billing.

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