youtube_1There are over 100 hours of content loaded to YouTube every hour, and over 1 billion users visit the site in a given month. With all of this content, how do you set yourself apart? YouTube, and in the faith-based market GodTube, are more intimidating platforms than Facebook, because the idea of making videos can be stressful and more expensive. Even though your company or brand may be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Klout, if you neglect YouTube, you will miss out on a massive audience by not taking on the challenge. It’s not as scary as it looks, we promise!

Good content doesn’t mean expensive content: Guess what? There are a wealth of people who would be willing to help you create content for your brand! Check with your local university or colleges to find students who are majoring in graphic or media design. They often will be willing to work for a lower fee or for free in exchange for exposure to their work. This is a great way to experiment with YouTube and see what your viewers respond to. Have no budget, ask your fans and followers to see if there are any volunteers, just remember that you often get what you pay for.

Posting all the time isn’t the key to popularity: Posting regularly is a good idea, and will benefit your exposure and ratings on YouTube, but posting meaningless content too frequently can actually lower your ratings and cause your subscribers to unsubscribe from your “channel”. Longer content has also been shown to deflect viewers, as the optimum length has been shown to be around 2.5-3 minutes.

When you do post, make your tags relevant and specific: When  you post a video, be sure to use specific tags. Let’s say you post a video about a faith-based musical artist. Tagging the video, “music” and “Christian” will not get you views, since your video will become lost in the multitudes of uploaded content. Instead, use their specific artist name, and perhaps the name of the song or album that you are promoting. BTW – Research shows that music videos do especially well on YouTube. Remember, it’s about views, favorites, and shares…these launch your brand to the top of the pages, so being very targeted to reach the right people is a good thing.

Double up on promotion by using Facebook and Twitter to share your links: By sharing your links throughout all your social networks, you accomplish two purposes: you get fresh content onto your other social pages, and you spread the video links in more prominent places. Using every platform you can makes sure your brand is towards the top of the ratings pages in every area (source).

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