Once you’ve set up your company page on LinkedIn (read more about how to do this here), you can do more than just be a stagnant presence on the social network. Proactively take steps to make sure you, and your company, get noticed and get your customers engaged. Here’s how to expand your reach and use LinkedIn Company Pages for all they are worth. It’s easier than it sounds, we promise!

Create: Fill out all the appropriate information. The more info you provide, the easier it will be for current and future customers or affiliates to find you. Categorize your provided services and highlights in the sections marked “products or services”.  Here’s a great tip: you can embed a YouTube video on the page to add life and color to your brand, enhancing what would otherwise be only text.

Delegate: Much like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to choose which employees/admins you can assign activities to such as postings, content creation, etc. Help them help you by giving your team applicable privileges on your page. Brainstorm together to create content calendars and schedules so the burden of keeping the page current doesn’t fall to just one person. Great ideas for status updates include giveaways or fun statistics about the company (such as “We just hit 125 followers! Thanks for the support!”), etc.

Be choosy: Yep, we said it. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, having a bunch of fans does nothing for your page on LinkedIn unless they are relevant and somehow able to connect to you on a networking level. On the LinkedIn company page guide, it strongly advises encouraging your existing employees to join the company page. Posting your link on your other existing social media pages is also a great way to garner followers who already care about your company, as is following other companies who are similar to gauge their customer base.

Dig into your pocketbook: Though much of LinkedIn is free (we love free!), there are additional paid services offered, and they are actually worthwhile. Using LinkedIn’s sponsored posts and advertisements can be extremely helpful to promote your company to a level that you may not be able to accomplish otherwise. It’s important to track your reach and audience for approximately three months before investing money into advertising, so you can see a little bit of growth.  If you have no audience (follow your analytics  on LinkedIn Company pages), then there is no point in paying to influence them. Once you have a steady following, use the sponsored posts and advertising features to promote specials (like an exclusive product or book), or to introduce a new artist or author. It can be a great jumpstart for a new item or personality.

Be “findable”: Placing the “follow” button on your company blog and website is a great way to gather more followers (and more relevant ones, which equals less random, faceless folks). Also, do your own research to evaluate how your company can be more successful on LinkedIn. Remember, each company and brand is different, and has unique needs. You can read LinkedIn’s marketing research here to find out more!

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