Want to reach the Faith and Family audience?


Christian PR efforts can include outreach to Christian Podcasts.  As part of your Faith-based public relations campaign, your Christian marketing agency can pitch you as a possible guest to be interviewed by the podcast host or hosts.  This is an excellent way to tell your story and reach new people in your target audience.

Here are 3 reasons to be a guest on Christian podcasts ⤵️

1. Your audience listens to Christian podcasts
➡️ There are over 5 million podcasts, 70 million podcast episodes, and 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide. The Christian audience is listening.

2. The Christian audience is already established
➡️ You can capitalize on top Christian podcasts’ massive followings and ultra-engaged followers to create immediate results.

3. You build trust and establish authority with your target audience
➡️ You’ll build instant trust with the Christian audience because they trust the podcaster who is vouching for you by having you on their show.

By leveraging the power of storytelling on top Christian podcasts as part of your Christian public relations campaign, you can drastically increase brand awareness, engagement, leads, donations, and sales.

Give it a try, or contact us to review our Christian Podcast Tour service.