I do a lot of copying, pasting and reformatting of text as I write up , our weekly TweetDeals to post on FrontGate Media’s Social Media and for news stories for our FrontGate Media family of web sites, or to create various presentations for our Christian market advertising clients.

emailStripper is a program that I can’t live without.  I use almost daily for cleaning the “>” and other formatting characters out of emails and other text that has been formatted in something like Word or Excel.

Not only does it remove the formatting characters that emails add in but it removes the line breaks bringing all the text back into a paragraph format.

It’s very simple to use.  After installing the exe file on your computer, you just double click the icon to start the program. Click button #1 to paste in your text, click #2 to clean it and click #3 to copy the cleaned text so you can paste it into a document for your own use. It’s really that simple, and saves a ton of time trying to clean up or reformat by hand any pasted text in Word.

Read more or download from CNET’s Download.com site.