Do you currently have a lead generation strategy to capture your audience’s email addresses? If not, it’s time to create an irresistible freebie!

Create an irresistible freebie

You need a “freebie” resource your target audience can’t say no to.

How do you create an irresistible freebie?

1️⃣ Consider your audience’s pain points. What are their challenges, and how can you solve them?

2️⃣ Consider your audience’s interests and passions. What do they love, and how can you provide access to more of that?

3️⃣ Consider what’s available on the internet. Don’t offer something people can easily find with a simple Google search.

4️⃣ Consider what YOU’D give up your email to receive. If you wouldn’t give a business or organization your email address in exchange for your freebie, don’t expect your audience to either.

5️⃣ Consider how you can serve your audience. Your lead generation piece provides a benefit to your business (email subscribers), so make sure it provides real value to your audience too!

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