logo-linkedinWhile LinkedIn is useful for individuals to help launch their personal resumes and experience (you can read our top tips for LinkedIn newbies here!), it is also an extremely efficient tool for Christian non-profit organizations, businesses, and brands. By building a personal page as well as a business page, you can double your reach. If you’re a faith-based brand, here’s how to get started!

How to set up a LinkedIn company page? 

You’ll have to set up your personal page first, using your real information, of course, then you can go to your interests and click “Create a Company Page”. You’ll have to provide a work email address. On the website, it also notes that once you click submit, there is no preview, so make sure you double and triple check the information you provide before you submit it because it will go live immediately. To set up your LinkedIn company page start here.

Key things to remember as you set up your page are: 1) select the best category (this will make sure people can find you quickly and effectively), 2) upload a clear, quality logo image, and 3) give an accurate description that reads normally. LinkedIn readers will see pretty quickly through a description that is poorly written and overloaded with buzz words like the old and failed search engine tactic.

Once you have a company page…

Though we all know this, it is still so easy to stray from it if we’ve been using social media for any length of time: the key to being effective is being consistent and posting quality, engaging content versus just posting information overload! With LinkedIn, you’ll want to expand your networks as well. Some tips for doing this include:

– Define your company’s mission and use those keywords throughout your postings.

– Maintain a consistent tone throughout your postings, just as you would on other social media outlets.  If your tone is fun and casual, make sure it matches across all fronts.

– Get your employees involved: doing “behind the scenes” content of what it’s like to work at your company is a fun way to engage your readers, as well as make it appealing for future employees.

– Remind your loyal customers that they can leave you a recommendation. Nothing reaches further than personal experience! 

– Use brand-specific colors and phrases. Make sure your branding comes through in your postings, and add in videos or pictures for any content that is more than just words.

In our next blog, we will discuss how to create and participate in LinkedIn Groups, and how to use them to propel your brand forward.

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