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LSC Communications announces strategic equity investment in content logistics company MAZ

Will harness MAZ’s technology to complement and expand LSC’s legacy distribution platform

CHICAGO–LSC Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LKSD), a leader in traditional and digital printing solutions, announced today an equity investment and the signing of a definitive reseller agreement with MAZ Systems Incorporated. MAZ is a New York City-based content logistics company that enables brands, media and publishers to publish any content to various output channels, including mobile applications, OTT (over-the-top), social media, video and news aggregators, gaming consoles, voice assistants, wearable technology and more.

Founded in 2010 by former Apple and Adobe designers and engineers, MAZ launched the world’s first Content Logistics System to solve the issue that many companies face of delivering their content to an ever-growing and unscalable list of social platforms, devices and operating systems. Most companies solve these content logistics problems by hiring developers to manually build out each distribution output one by one, only to find themselves needing to build again and again as new output types inevitably emerge.

MAZ, a cloud-based software suite, manages the processing, filtering, packaging, and shipping of content to current and emerging outputs, all from a single dashboard, at a fraction of the cost. MAZ is used by brands like Forbes, Fast Company, Condé Nast, American Media, Inc., USA Today, Outside TV, and hundreds of others.

LSC will harness MAZ’s technology to complement and expand its legacy platform to expose clients to new distribution solutions that help streamline and accelerate their business strategies beyond print. “The investment in MAZ signals our desire to strengthen LSC’s leadership position in content logistics, distribution and monetization across all formats, channels and platforms,” said Chris W. Schraft, President of Business Development at LSC. “MAZ’s state-of-the-art solution set and technology platform provide natural alignment with where we’re taking the business. We look forward to helping our publishing and marketing clients go beyond print and effectively navigate the complexities of the new media landscape as they look to reach and engage their desired audiences across an ever-expanding array of digital endpoints.”

“There is a clear alignment in our strategic visions of the future,” said Paul Canetti, CEO of MAZ. “LSC is a leader in traditional content distribution and logistics, and we have built a parallel infrastructure for digital content. This investment will empower us to bring our Content Logistics System to the next generation of content creators, who will be distributing not only across the devices and platforms we use today, but to all the emerging distribution outputs of the future.”

About MAZ
MAZ is The Content Logistics Company. Brands and media companies like Forbes, Fast Company, Condé Nast, American Media Inc., USA Today, Outside TV, and hundreds of others use MAZ to process, curate, publish, and monetize their content to audiences across mobile, social media, TV, voice assistants, and more.

MAZ has processed and published over half a billion pieces of content to millions of users across 200+ countries. The company has been selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s “Best Workplaces of 2018,” Inc.’s “30 Under 30 – America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs,” and one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.”

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About LSC Communications
With a rich history of industry experience, innovative solutions and service reliability, LSC Communications (NYSE: LKSD) is a global leader in print and digital media solutions. The company’s traditional and digital print-related services and office products serve the needs of publishers, merchandisers and retailers around the world. With advanced technology and a consultative approach, LSC’s supply chain solutions meet the needs of each business by getting their content into the right hands as efficiently as possible.

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