Top Christian Artists and Speakers Unite for Teens Facing Today’s Tough Issues

LOVEFEST 10Arcadia, CA – LoveFest is happy to announce their 2012 lineup, focusing on the topic: DIVINE DESIGN. Held on February 11th and 12th in Arcadia, CA, LOVEFEST 10: DIVINE DESIGN guarantees to be of interest to all in attendance. With compelling discussion and entertainment, the event allows both youth and adults to examine the challenges facing teens in their daily life. Hosted by Our Savior Lutheran Church, LoveFest will feature Chaos Theory (Clint Thomas and Aaron Davis), Dr. Micah Parker, Pam Stenzel and Karen Kropf as keynote speakers, and Dove-Award winning Barlowgirl will be leading workshops as well as performing on Saturday evening.

Now in its tenth year, LoveFest will to continue its bold and honest conversations for teens on the topic of abstinence, as well as straightforward discussions about sex that too often the church avoids. This year’s breakout sessions include classes and topics for all attendees, ranging in age from tweens to great-grandparents. Workshops include “Grief: Love One Another”, “Internet Dangers”, “Tweens, Teens and Boomers”, “Teen Depression”, “Communication Breakdowns”, Handling Homosexual Attraction”, “Youth and Adult Trust”, and many others.

In keeping with this year’s theme, LoveFest 10: Divine Design is based on the verse Psalm 139:14: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
“We indeed are! He did indeed create us wonderfully,” explains Rev. Roger Sonnenberg, Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church. “We celebrate this every time we gather in celebration at LoveFest. This year, we are confident that all who attend will be inspired, challenged and compelled to live their lives truly knowing that they are created as a Divine Design”
Chaos Theory is a motivational, decision-making process designed to empower students to understand how to live the lives they were made for. Chaos Theory is committed to providing students with the tools they need to make wise decisions and to avoid high-risk behavior. Created by Aaron Davis and Clint Thomas, Chaos Theory does not tell students what to think, but teaches how to think.
Aaron Davis, one of this year’s coveted speakers, will share from experience about the negative emotional, psychological, and physical impacts of bullying. As a former Sergeant Detective and SWAT Team Member injured in the line of duty, Aaron relates real stories about what happens to bullies and to those who are bullied. Students are immediately drawn in and connect to Aaron as he challenges them to take a stand for change in their lives and in their school. Students are empowered to fight with and for each other, rather than against each other.
Clint Thomas has seen the negative impacts of high-risk sexual behaviors in our young people firsthand and is passionate about giving students the truth so that they can choose the right path in life. As a former guitarist for a touring music artist and through other encounters in the world, Clint knows that the exotic, sex-charged and seemingly carefree lives that the entertainment industry tries to convey as fulfilling and exciting are truly an illusion. His honest approach to the topic of abstinence is eye-opening, not only to the students, but to the parents and teachers as well. Students will walk away with the understanding that there is no such thing as a decision made in the moment, but rather the decisions you make will have a life-long effect.
Seven years ago Pam Stenzel grew weary of hearing the phrase, “NOBODY TOLD ME!!” After years of counseling young girls who found themselves in crisis pregnancies, Pam began to realize that so many were completely unaware of the risks involved with sexual activity, and that many had never been told about all the consequences of their choices.
Dr. Micah Parker has taken an unexpected and incredible adversity to help inspire others to truly trust Jesus with your entire life. For the past 15 years, Micah has been sharing his story and will be speaking at LoveFest about not only dealing with life’s struggles, but learning to trust and grow through your experiences.
BarlowGirl will not only share their incredible music on Saturday night, but they will be doing a small workshop for tweens and teens, where they share their bold dedication to abstinence and purity. Made up of sisters Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow, BarlowGirl’s new album Love & War reflects the urgency they feel for letting the world know not only about God’s love, but about what it means to be loved by God. BarlowGirl formed in 2004, and has been a favorite in Christian music. The group has been nominated for ten Dove Awards, and holds the record for having the longest #1 single on Christian Radio Weekly’s Charts, with their song “I Need You to Love Me” that topped the charts for an incredible 13 weeks. BarlowGirl boldly wears their faith for all to see, and their music and ministry are truly a vehicle to be a blessing to those in need.
The host of the event, Our Savior Lutheran Church, has been a local leader in reaching out to families, addressing issues from the cradle to the grave. Over the years, the Church and its Senior Pastor has, and continues to offer, marriage and parenting enrichment courses, grand-parenting courses and sex education seminars. LoveFest, their annual gathering, has attracted participants from throughout the United States and Canada.Tickets for LoveFest 10: Divine Design are now on sale. Registration is $25 and all who attend receive lunch by IN-N-OUT BURGER as well as dinner by Peppers Mexican Restaurant with paid admission. Seats are limited. Call (626) 447-7690 for registration information or visit the official website at
Now in its tenth year, LOVEFEST is an annual youth + adult event known as the place to join with experts in a fun, cool, comfortable setting in order to talk tough about pressing issues facing us all every day. Hosted by Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arcadia, CA, LOVEFEST covers abstinence, purity, STDs, casual sex, drugs, pornography; all without tackling areas of what happens afterwards – the consequences. Also discussed are topics of need such as depression, cutting, etc. Factual information is given and done from a Christian perspective. Please note that we have Christians of all denominations, plus many guests that have never even attended church in the past. This informative and incredibly fun event truly has something for everyone – Money Back Guarantee!
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What: LoveFest 10: Divine Design – Program for Youth (6th grade and up), Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, etc.: An educational experience where experts discuss tough issues including sex, faith, relationships, and love.
When: Saturday, February 11th from 9:00AM to 8:00PM and Sunday, February 12th at 8:00AM or 10:45AM services.
Where: Our Savior Lutheran Church, 512 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA 91007
Cost: $25 per person. Pre-registration is required. Register at


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