FrontGate Media is a full-service digital marketing agency for Christian ministries, brands, and organizations. We specialize in every marketing avenue, including brand development, website, print & digital design, video production, and more. We’ve worked with a wide range of faith-based clients to establish their brand identity and online presence through logo design, website builds, email marketing campaigns, digital ads, and more.

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  • Logo Design & Website Build for Redeemed Restored
  • Email Ad Design for End Game Press
  • Logo Design & Website Build, Graphics Design for The Gate
  • Multi-Outlet Ad Campaign for The Radio Signal


Logo Design & Website Build for Redeemed Restored

Debra approached FrontGate Media with the vision for her ministry and asked for our expertise to help bring it to life. The FrontGate team built the Redeemed Restored brand from the ground up. From logo design to website development and copywriting, to crafting the social media presence and monthly email communications, we turned Debra’s vision for Redeemed Restored into a reality that is now thriving online. You can learn more about our audience growth and engagement campaign initiatives for Redeemed Restored here.

Logo Design & Website Build for Redeemed Restored

Redeemed Restored Logo Design

Redeemed Restored Logo

Email Ad Design for End Game Press

End Game Press is a great and relatively new traditional publishing house that releases titles to general and Christian audiences. They hired FrontGate Media to promote Bedtime with Mommy to our Faith & Family email lists. The campaign generated significant brand awareness and engagement, leading to clicks to purchase the book.

Logo Design & Website Build, Graphics Designs for The Gate

FrontGate Media was hired to do logo design, website development, and event coordination for The Gate. Our digital creative team created a cohesive online presence for The Gate, from the logo graphics to the colors to the fonts and more while our graphics team created their event invite, donor response card and leave-behind flyer.

Logo Design & Website Build for The Gate

The Gate Logo Design

The Gate Logo

The Gate

The Gate Event Invite

The Gate Event Invite

Multi-Outlet Ad Campaign for The Radio Signal

FrontGate Media was hired to develop advertisements for the book promotions for The Radio Signal by Friedhelm Radandt, the amazing and true story of conviction and faith among religious dissenters and exiles at the height of Nazi aggression. The campaign included multiple ad campaigns utilizing direct email, animated gifs, website banners, and other social memes to generate awareness, engagement and book sales. The campaign was so successful, the author booked it for a second run.

Work with FrontGate Media for Logo Design, Website Build, Digital Ad Creatives, and More

Our team of talented designers has experience creating beautiful effective websites and powerful marketing materials. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your marketing goals. FrontGate Media is committed to providing the highest quality work and outstanding customer service. Contact us today to discuss your next Christian digital marketing project.