Logo Design Process for Russ Cohen

FrontGate Media was hired by Russ Cohen, a public policy advocate who is developing a thought-leader brand for his positions, upcoming book, and other community, state, and national support activities. As part of creating the foundation for his brand, we started with creating a logo for him and his organization, “Have Faith in America.” This is the logo design process we followed from start to finish to present Russ with a logo he loves! 

Round 1: Ideas 

The first step in our logo design process was to ask Russ for the goals around his brand, what he wanted to convey with the brand, and examples of any logos he liked. These logos don’t have to be in the client’s area or industry. We just want to know what type of logos they’re drawn to and why they like them. 

During round one of our logo design process, we also ask clients to provide us with any elements they definitely want to be included in their logos, such as specific colors, fonts, or icons.

Russ knew he wanted something patriotic that highlighted both his brand–Have Faith in America–and himself as an individual. He mentioned liking Jim Lehrer’s PBS Newshour logo and the vibe of Beth Moore’s ministry logo. He also hoped the logo would denote unity and compromise, patriotism and faith, honesty and integrity. Starting with an empty canvas, we took these ideas into consideration and started turning these initial words and descriptions into a few very diverse visual concepts.

Round 2: Visual Concepts

The next step in our logo design process is to create the first round of logo designs. The goal is NOT to create a final logo at this stage, though sometimes that happens. We created three logo ideas and presented them to Russ. Each logo took a very different approach to Russ’ vision. 

The goal of this round is to figure out what the client likes and doesn’t like about each conceptual direction for the logo, from the layout to the shape to the visual elements to the colors and fonts, all to further elaborate on and draw out the client’s vision looking forward toward creating a final product.

Round 3: Final Product

The next (and often final) step in the logo design process is to take the client’s feedback from round two and develop 3 to 5 options with an eye on creating the final or a near-final logo. Sometimes we nail it on the first go; other times, the client has minor edits. In this case, the client loved the first revised logo (#4) as the final product.

Round Three Russ Cohen Have Faith in America

However, though the client was very happy with version 4, in our final internal review discussion, we felt the need to eliminate the effect of the waving flag because of some team members’ impressions of it as choppy or cut marks.  We decided to make additional tweaks to the flag to ensure it was the best image serving the full purposes outlined initially. So, we removed the flag’s wave and took a more stamped or cookie cut-out approach, presenting the client with what became the unanimous decision for a perfect logo for his brand.

Final Have Faith in America Russ Cohen

In less than a week–4 days to be exact–we went from a blank canvas to a final logo! 

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