I found a great resource today.  Localbookmark.itLocalbookmark.it has launched a Church website creator service that enables Faith-Based Ministries to build websites that are also pre-configured to work seamlessly on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Android phones.  As location based services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places engage tens of millions of smartphone users each day, it is becoming increasingly important for ministries to establish a mobile presence, which is where Localbookmark.it’s Easy Site Creator service comes in.

If a mobile user visits a site that has been created with Localbookmark.it’s website builder, they will be automatically shown a smartphone-friendly version of the company’s site, making it much easier and convenient to navigate compared to the typical ‘desktop-only’ website that 99.9% of businesses have today.  This mobile-friendly website functions just like an iPhone or Android Application, providing quick access to a company’s:

• Click to Call Phone number
• Mobile Video
• Hours of operation
• Map & GPS directions
• Photo galleries
• Coupons & Special offers
• Products, services, menu, etc.

“With the rising popularity of smartphones, it’s no longer simply a luxury for ministries to provide customers with a mobile experience, it’s required,” explains Jordan Hudgens, Co-Founder and Director of Product for Localbookmark.it.  “The local business owner needs to be able to market themselves on every device that potential customers are searching on, and that’s what Localbookmark.it enables.”

Check them out: http://easysite.localbookmark.it/church