Liberty HealthShare Christian Influencer Campaign Case Study

Liberty HealthShare is a healthsharing program that offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional health insurance, allowing Christians around the world to come together to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). They offer General Liberty HealthShare for singles, families, and couples, and Liberty Rise for people 18-29 years of age. As a medical-cost-sharing ministry, the goal is to bring together a community of people with Christian beliefs who desire more affordable healthcare.

FrontGate Media was hired by Liberty HealthShare to run a social media influencer campaign to generate brand awareness and program engagement. We used our proprietary Christian Influencer Group to promote Liberty HealthShare to the Faith & Family audience on Instagram and Facebook.

Target Audience

Liberty HealthShare’s medical-cost-sharing program is designed for Christian singles, couples, and families. Liberty Rise is specifically for 18-29-year-old Christians, while General Liberty HealthShare covers the remaining demographics. The goal of this campaign was to reach Christian singles, couples, and families 18 years of age and older. 


FrontGate Media utilized Christian influencers passionate about sharing faith-based products with their established audiences to promote the Liberty HealthShare program.

We secured 22 influencers and provided them with information about Liberty HealthShare to review and create content around. Each influencer was tasked with posting a review of the General Liberty HealthShare program and/or Liberty Rise on Instagram. Many went above and beyond, utilizing multiple features and platforms, including Instagram posts, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, and Facebook to review and promote the program.

Liberty HealthShare Christian Influencer Campaign Case Study


The social media influencer campaign for Liberty HealthShare performed exceptionally well, generating brand awareness and post engagement.

  • Total Influencers: 22
  • Total Social Reactions (likes, comments, shares): 5,640 
  • Total Impressions: 392,426

By educating Christian influencers about the Liberty HealthShare program, nearly 400,000 Christian families, couples, and singles were able to learn about a budget-friendly health insurance alternative. This campaign achieved brand awareness, and over 5,000 people engaged with the posts, generating excellent social proof for Liberty HealthShare. The ministry can use this momentum to continue to establish a strong brand presence and provide affordable healthcare alternatives to Christians everywhere.

Liberty HealthShare Christian Influencer Campaign Case Study

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