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Lexham Press’ “Ministers of Reconciliation” compiles essays from pastors and leaders to point to God’s truth for a polarizing topic

New Book Offers Seasoned Pastoral Wisdom and Encouragement for Preaching on Race

BELLINGHAM, Wash., May 12, 2021  “Ministers of Reconciliation: Preaching on Race and the Gospel,” the newest book from Lexham Press and edited by Daniel Darling, compiles essays from diverse writers to clarify actions pastors and ministry leaders should take regarding issues of race from the pulpit, highlighting how it can lead conversations of healing.

Race and ethnicity are hot topics often glossed over across many pulpits throughout the United States in fear of causing division or anger among the church and surrounding community. Yet following recent social injustice events, the issue remains as relevant as ever for church pastors and leaders to point their members to God’s truth and take an active stance.

“Are these perilous waters? Sure,” said Darling, author and senior vice-president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB). “The Red Sea, the Jordan River, every baptismal pool that joins a follower of Christ to his Lord in crucifixion, burial and resurrection – these are all perilous waters, too. Let’s follow Jesus there.”

Featuring a foreword by Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), “Ministers of Reconciliation” addresses the issues such as:

  • “Preaching on Race in View of the Image of God” by Matthew D. Kim;
  • “Known, Seen, and Designed by God” by Darling;
  • “Jeremiah and His Unexpected Rescuer” by J. Daniel Hays;
  • “Race and the Great Commission” by J. D. Greear;
  • “Building the Temple with Wisdom” by Lemanuel Williams;
  • “How God Addresses Our Prejudices” by Bryan Loritts;
  • “Engaging Communities with the Reconciling Power of the Gospel” by Dhati Lewis;
  • “Caring for the ‘Minority’ in Your Midst: Giving Greater Honor” by Raymond Chang;
  • “The Ministry of Reconciliation” by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.;
  • “The Gospel and Ethnic Justice in Galatians 2” by Jared C. Wilson;
  • “Reconciled under the Lordship of Christ” by Jamaal Williams;
  • “The Chosen People and Racial Reconciliation” by Juan R. Sanchez; and
  • “Racial Reconciliation and the Victory of Christ” by Joey Royal.

“This book includes reflections from many who have taught and preached on these matters,” Darling writes. “These essays may well spark within you ideas for how to stand for Christ on these issues in your church or family or community.”

Darling hopes the book will serve as a guide to better engage in topics on race and social injustice as the body of Christ.

“It’s easy to say we want to pursue multiethnic unity, but it’s uncomfortable and difficult work,” writes Greear, author and president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “And it requires dedicated intentionality. To have people from diverse backgrounds in our lives. To ask questions and to listen. To humble ourselves and ask forgiveness. But it’s worth it—for Jesus’ sake, for his church’s sake, and for our own.”

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