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Lexham Press announces a new publishing partnership
with Christianity Today

The Best of Christianity Today is a new series from Lexham Press, featuring the most enduring articles from decades of Christianity Today. The first three titles in this series include essential writings from Carl F. H. Henry and John Stott and a robust account of the basics of Christian doctrine from leading evangelical theologians. This publishing partnership will last three years, with more titles forthcoming.

Since 1956, Christianity Today has been the leading voice for evangelicalism in America—a bellwether of theology, politics, and culture for evangelicals. Some of the most influential and respected modern evangelical leaders have written for Christianity Today, shaping the minds and hearts of millions of Christians for more than half a century. Lexham Press is proud to partner with Christianity Today to bring these treasures of evangelicalism’s heritage to readers today.

Lexham Press is an innovative evangelical publishing house creating thoughtful Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources. Part of Faithlife Corporation, makers of Logos Bible Software, Lexham is committed to excellent Christian publishing in service of the church.